Friday, December 2, 2011

Pssst - It's Friday! {In case you didn't know} *FREEBIE*

As hard as it was to get back into the swing of things, we didn't really have a choice, did we?  We had conferences in November, but report cards don't go home until December.  I'm not sure who the genius was who thought of that craziness...but they'll be getting coal in their stocking this year..I'm pretty darn sure of that!

I wish I could figure out how to balance it all; or at least not feel so guilty when I don't.  Seems that assessments come right when things are coming together and we've found our groove.  Remember my post about loving Daily 5?  Wasn't that just last week that I was all geeked and excited about it?  Yeah, so things can take a nose dive fast when you change the routine a bit, expect the kiddos to last "just a wee bit longer so I can finish up this running record".   Some little dumplings were taking advantage of Mrs. W's red-cowboy-hat-with-a-red-tinsel-brim...{You wear one too, when you test, right?}  I tell you, it works...lightens the mood when they sit down next to me to read, "Howdy pardner...ya'll gonna show me what you'ns got?" {they just giggle and read and nobody bothers me - not even other teachers because they know what "the hat" means...SHE'S TESTING}.

I've got some smart kids, though.  I'm so darn tootin' proud of them!!!!

Maybe it's my teaching? 

Teaching has changed so much over the years, hasn't it?  I don't know if I could be a new teacher today {I swear I feel like one half the time though...we change what we do and how we do it so much it makes your head spin}. With that, I have to say in a lot of ways I love the teacher I've become because of these changes.  I think we've probably all changed in a lot of the same ways - we encourage thinkers rather than sponges. 

Michigan has adopted the Common Core - with that my district adopted the Bridges math series.  This spiral approach toward teaching really threw me off at first.  It's largely game-based and relies heavily on visual models (ten frames anybody?).  It also encourages divergent thinking through questioning. 

We were given question stems to hang up in our classrooms - not so much for the kids, but for the teachers...just to help us remember to delve deeper.  Of course they weren't cute enough for I fancied 'em up.  Here they are in case you want to hang them up in your whole group area {that's where I have mine}.

Psssst....don't forget, it's FRIDAY!!!!!!


  1. We do bridges too! I tried to print but it isn't working. :( Thanks for making these!

  2. I got it to print!!! It's going now! I am so excited. At first bridges felt like a lot of work, but now it is all prepped and super easy. I will be honest. It's not hard enough for the first graders and it doesn't have enough real paper practice. So many of the kids don't ever fill out an entire tub sheet or they waste their learning time so I felt like only the motivated kid that could already do the math were the ones doing it. I have supplemented BIG TIME with stuff on TPT or self made stuff. We also have number corner (by the same company) and I sometimes use those games. They tend to be a little more challenging. I love that there are ready made tubs and at first it is perfect but they quickly outgrow the level of math in my opinion. The low ones aren't held accountable enough...ok this is a LONG comment!!! Thanks again for the printable and I am glad you liked my dream squasher post! :)

  3. Yes I would also love to hear about great resources you find as well. We have HM workbooks...I hate them. color pages with 8 distracting pictures and 2 actual problems. It's not effective either. We are looking for a new adoption now so things may change for me soon.

  4. Love your hat idea!!!
    I just have a boring old stop sign. It's very cute and I have taught the kids that it means, "STOP. THINK. Is this an emergency?" And then we list all kinds of emergencies that are really outrageous and would never happen. :)
    PS Hats never fit my head. Ever.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    I had a pair of 3D glasses (with the middles poked out) that I used to have the kiddos where when they were testing. Others know they are testing and they can't interrupt...but I began to have so many who wore glasses regularly, I couldn't do it anymore!

    And "It's not you, it's them"...them being the lawmakers who seem to think making our job more stressful will make the children smarter faster.....hang in there!Going Nutty! Staci

  6. (editing comment)
    I meant "wear" instead of "where"...... I had to correct it.....too bad I could change the ink to red!

  7. I can so relate to this comment. We had November conferences too, and I agree the kids are just getting into the swing of things. I want to call those parents back in already to talk more.

    Thanks for hte posters. I will be mounting and laminating AGAIN on Monday. I know just where I will hang them too.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Ok, I just commented, but I don't think it went thru! I fixed the Writer's Punctuation. You should be able to download now. =)


  9. Hey girl! You need a blogging button!! I want to post your button on my blogging buddies page on my blog because I love following you!

    Teaching First

  10. Ohhh!! I figured out another way to put a link to you on there! Check it out!

    Teaching First

  11. I LOVE your assessing hat! I need to get one of those! Thanks for the idea.


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