Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

I'm linking up with Cara over at The First Grade Parade ...

All my days blend together - so I'm gonna guess it's Friday!

I have some favorite pins I'd like to share with you...and maybe, just maybe you'll actually do some of them. I'm a pinner...{sort of} but truth be told, I'm not always a do-er.

My favorite teacher-y pins...

Love this idea from Kimberly over at Funky First Grade Fun - I'm either going to use this during out Meet & Greet or at Curriculum Night.  It's a freebie and adorable!!!!

This genius idea came from Mrs. Verdon.  I just love, love, love organization!!!! I *try* to be, but it doesn't always work out...but this gives me hope for work on writing during Daily 5.

And these dry erase circles...

...had I known about these sooner - many a headache or two {or three} would have been avoided.  All the clunkin' and bangin' of my massively huge whiteboards.  Kids "shopping" for just the right one. {"please just pick one"} Can't wait to stick those suckers to my table!!!!!  Thanks Kinder Keri!!!

And a few personal faves...

Got this lovely idea from Momma Did It - we're heading up north soon and I can't wait to do this with my own kiddos.

I have big plans to do a lot of chillin' on our vacay.  One of my Mommy-To-Do's...

...customize my iPhone icons...I'm easy to please, right?  I found this little tutorial {here}.  I told myself I was going to "unplug" for the trip.  The cell service is spotty anyway.  But pretty-ing up my iPhone doesn't really count as being on technology, right?

We rent a different cottage up north each summer.  I love exploring Northern Michigan with my family.  A new tradition we are starting is to leave our "footprint" at the cottage before we leave. Isn't this cleverly adorable?

I can't find the "person" behind this pin!

And I'll leave you with a few randoms...

Baked Zucchini Chips, anyone?

Anybody handy out there want to make this for me?
Perfect for a scrunchy foyer like mine...

And I'll leave you with a pin I actually DID...
There ya have it!  

Check out my other pins {here}...

...maybe that's just me...are you a pinner and a do-er?



  1. Holly,
    Your blog is precious! It is so cute! I love the name! What a great pin for the parent wishes container! I need to pin that for sure! Thanks for joining in the linky party!
    Your Newest Follower,

  2. Baked Zucchini Chips.... YUMMY!
    Great pinning finds today!
    Loved stopping by for a visit, as always!
    Have a great weekend,
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. I love those circles on the table! What a great idea :)

    Fun In First

  4. oh my goodness I love the footprint tradition, how sweet!

    I've been dying to try those circles this year too, very tired of passing out dry erase boards :/

    Happy weekend Holly!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my dry erase circles on your Fave Friday post!!! I'm honored! I LOVE LOVE LOVE using them and can't wait to make them for next year.

  6. Love the writing center and footprints! I am headed to Port Austin and Oscoda in August!

  7. Thank you

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