Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pukes or Crying Wolf?

'Tis the season...

For the pukes, that is.  You might be aware that we don't "celebrate the holidays" at my school.  Well, some people do - but it has been "highly recommended" that we don't.  So I don't.  Which is really hard for me -  because for 11 years I did and {{{POOF}}} now I don't. 


Lucky me, I do have the pukes in my classroom - 'tis the season for THAT. In a BIG way. Holy Toledo, I had four kids out today.  One of my little girls walked in the room and the first words out of her mouth were "My mom says if I don't feel well I can tell you and you can call her".  Ummmm, Mom - that little trick rarely works so don't try it.  It never fails they come right to you with this little nugget and expect to be sent to the office right then and there.

But I don't. I usually wave them off and say "oh, you look fine to me - go sit down".  Figuring if they were REALLY sick, mom would have *never* sent them to school that way, right? {Okay, I'm a mom and I think I may have accidentally sent my kids to school sick a time or two...but they really did act pretty okay when I had to make the big decision ... call in for a sub, scramble around and make sub plans, or not, call in for a sub {get the bottom of the barrell} lose my mind making last minute sub plans or not...}...

It never fails, a few minutes later "sick kid" comes back up to say "I think I need to go down to the office, my mom said I could".  To that, I usually say "Go get a drink, try to go potty, I think you'll be okay".  I do usually keep a secret eye on them though.  You know, looking for some tell-tale signs that they may be crying wolf.  You know, laughter, sillies, excessive chatting.

So, after my little dumpling was sent for some water, a potty break or two, and a "just try putting your head down", she wasn't going to give up {although she very happily hopped off to recess}.  Right after recess I see her skipping down the hall toward our classroom. When I asked her where she was going she said in a sing-songy voice "I'm going ho-o-o-me". 

Hmmm, I thought - she's totally faking it.  I went down to the office to let the secretaries know of my suspicions  and they were in complete agreement - they thought she was a total faker too...remember that later.

Cutie patootie swears she's not faking it - even after I explained to her that moms are really top secret detectives and they know when you're really sick and when you're not and that I bet mom will bring her back to school if she thinks you just came home for some snuggles. 

Mom picked her up, mom took her home, mom emailed me to let me know that while she thought she might be faking too {reason for sending her to school in the first place} she was two steps away from walking out the school doors when she threw up EVERYWHERE.

Thank goodness I didn't trust my instincts ...

Sending up a prayer of thanks...

Report cards have me crazy busy - someday I'll be back to posting something helpful.  Hey, maybe this post will help somebody.  When a kid tells you they aren't feeling well...just send them down to the office so your story can have a happy ending like mine. {If my custodian blogged his story might go a little differently}

Happy Wednesday Eve!


  1. Hahahahaha! I would have said/done the same thing! In fact, the other day one of my sweethearts told me she didn't feel good during lunch. I told her to drink some water and put her head down and didn't hear a peep out of her again. She made it through lunch, recess and 15 minutes of DEAR time and then came to the carpet and promptly through up ALL OVER herself, the boy in front of her and my rug! I really wished she had been more persistent in letting me know she was sick! Luckily the boy she through up on took it like a champ and washed his arm off without making a big deal of it! I shoved all the rest of my kids into the kindergarten class across the hall while my rug was being cleaned and I got my sickie some new clothes and called home for her. It was actually a bit of a nice break in the middle of the afternoon...I even got to go to the bathroom while my rug dried! Ahh, the unintented benfits of letting kids puke in the room...

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

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  3. I am trying to hold in my laughing while I picture the custodian's blog...omg...I can't stop laughing...Let's title it Broom Tales...or Mops and Buckets of Puke...

  4. Such an interesting thought . . . the custodian's take on your little tale . . . Phew! is what I'm thinking . . . thanks for a good chuckle.

    Your little elves are lucky to have you! Barbara

  5. I just nominated you for the Sunshine award! Check it out over at my blog!

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has them try everything else in the book before sending them to the nurse- except on the rare occasion that it's the kid who NEVER asks to leave the room.

    My husband finds it hilarious that when a kid says, "My tummy hurts" and assumes I'll send them to the office even without them having the courage to ask- I'll respond sweetly as I can, "Oh, I'm sorry. I hope it feels better!" and walk away. He calls it mean, I call it survival :)

  7. That is terrible about the holiday thing.... we get around it by doing HOlidays Around the World!

    I was so jealous when I saw all of the great Halloween stuff this Oct on the blogs....we aren't allowed to do ANYTHING at all related to that!!!

    Which makes no sense....Hard to not tale about Him during Christmas.....but no one talks about Him at Halloween!!!!


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