Friday, August 25, 2017

Classroom Setup in First Grade

Hi Folks!

So, I've been thinking a little bit about classroom setup.  One thing you MUST know, right out the gate, is I am no Chip or Joanna Gaines...I set up a "cute enough", highly functional, fairly comfortable, exudes love, kinda classroom.  I choose the theme "colorful" every. single. year. because - c'mon - it works {for me}!

I am one of those people that walks into my classroom and I set it up almost identical to how I set it up the year before {then I tweak}.  Occasionally I'll do a major overhaul and just go crazy and put almost everything in a different spot...but mostly, I just stick with what works.

I can set up my classroom in no time...I work up a sweat though! Good golly do I work up a sweat.  I get into school, do the obvious hugging and chatting that one has to do when they haven't seen their colleagues in a few months and then I'm in it...I mean, you better not walk in front of me because it's likely I'll just plow you down because I'm doin'.

Typically, I start with my furniture. I like to get things just where I want them.  If I'm really lucky, the custodians will understand my weak, weak map of where I want things to go...but I must be a horrible map maker because rarely is my furniture even remotely where I thought I told them I wanted it.  

So, yeah, I'm that person that you hear squeaking their tables across the newly waxed floors.  Don't worry, I cringe too and I feel really really guilty - and at first, I DO try to be ever so gentle but then I just gotta get things done so I move things with a little more gusto.  

Once my furniture is where I want it - I use my tables as different command centers.  I start pulling all the stuff out of the cabinets that I basically just crammed into them at the end of the school year. {Like the furniture placement - I start the take down process with care and precision and then I throw in the towel and just start cramming}.  Anyway, one table will hold my electronics, another table baskets, another table "decor" get the idea.

Then I just start working on each at a time until they are each empty.

After that, I like to work on my bulletin boards.  This year I decided that the green that they "came with" was actually very calming and not too shabby looking so I decided to opt for just borders.  I don't know...that might sound lazy. Yeah, it really does sound lazy - especially when I think about the cool papers that look like bricks or boards.  Hmmm - well, when I made the decision it didn't feel like a lazy one.  So, I did it and asked my friends what they thought, and they said it was "genius" and it "looked great" but now I'm hoping they weren't just being nice.

By now, the furniture has been rearranged, decor and tchotchke has been tackled, my tables are empty and my bulletin boards are all put up. 

Next comes odds and ends, miscellaneous "stuff".  This is what takes me FOREVER.

Now it's time to label all the things, print all the things, laminate all the things, organize all the things, fine tune all the things, rearrange all the things. THIS can take me DAYS.  


If I can answer the question "Could your kiddos walk in tomorrow and be none-the-wiser" with "yup, I guess"....I feel like I'm in good shape and my anxiety level goes wayyyyyy down.

I think I wanted to write this post to help new teachers, experienced teachers, any teachers that might feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting together a classroom understand that it can be what you want it to be.  It can be months of work, it can be weeks of work, or simply days.  Whatever it is - just enjoy it and feel really good about it!!!

Happy new school year!  Enjoy your students...

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