Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Sale!!!!!

Hi Friends!!

To celebrate the New Year I'm having a sale...what better way to start the New Year in your classroom but with new activities!?!

Click the picture to head on over to my store!

Thank you for spending 2012 with me!  Can't wait to rock out 2013!!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Almost New Year!!! {Linky} *Freebie*

Bah Humbug...that's how I feel about making Resolutions.  Last year I chose OLW {One Little Word} and quite honestly...that didn't sorta worked out for me.  My OLW was "Strength" and I definitely mustered up strength in different moments where I might otherwise not have...and I did replay my word over and over in my mind to gather more strength when I needed it...but the year went on, and I forgot to remind myself to be strong...not that I fell apart or anything, but I didn't quite use my OLW the way I intended to.  I'm still going to pick a new word for this year; but I'm also going to work on a more specifically worded resolution too...

Thanks to Jen, over at The Teacher's Cauldron, for giving me a nudge in this direction...

I'm pretty cliche' when it comes to making resolutions..but I have to be honest with you all. {I really want to be clever here and make a resolution that's never been that makes you go A-HA...that's so cool, wow that Crisscross Applesauce girl is sooooo clever}As much as I hate that this seems to be my resolution every bleepity, bleep, bleep year I have been left with no other choice.  I've fallen off the wagon AGAIN!!!!!!! 

I was a runner for a couple of wasn't something I LOVED.  It never really became a natural part of who I was and what I just *needed* to do to feel right with the world.  {Do I wish I could look at it that way!} but I did feel really good AFTER I got a good run in and the races were a great motivator and so much fun!!!! {Okay...sorta fun}

That's my friend Barb on the left...she's going to start a blog soon!
So my personal resolution is to run more okay just RUN{and eat better, and lose some weight in the process}...

My blogging resolution?

I want to share more of my day-to-day classroom ideas with you.  Sometimes I think I get caught up in sharing only those ideas that I consider more earth-shattering or ones that I think might make you say "WOW, that's the coolest ever".  In waiting for that big idea I can sometimes go weeks days without blogging.  I want to get over that and blog about even the "small" things because I think you can relate to something as simple as "how often do you switch your desks around in your classroom" just as much as you can to a post about schema.

I leave you with this simple freebie...

Click the picture to pick yours up in Google Docs...

Happy New Year to you!!!!!!  If you'd like to share your resolutions or your OLW I'm not above copying all ears...I *think* I might have my OLW picked out...but could be easily swayed if you share a better one!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thinking Caps ~ Sight Word Edition

Hey There!

I sure hope you are enjoying your vacation and that you're steering clear of teacher-stuff at least some over your break and you better declare at least one or two of those days PJ Days!!!

I wanted to share a game with you that I've played in my classroom for a couple of years now and just decided to turn it into something you might want to use in your classroom.  We call it "Thinking Caps". 

Sight word practice is a real important part of our week - I try to provide new and different ways to work on those high frequency words...

Click the preview to head over to my TpT store!

Of course I'm not following my own advice of steering clear from teacher-y stuff  - but I had to finish this up so that I could tell you about it!!! 

First you'll need to print out the word cards {The first 75 Fountas & Pinnell sight words}...I suggest laminating them too...

I printed mine in b & w but you could print them in color if you wanted..
Have your kiddos choose the Thinking Cap logo they would like to use to decorate their headband {sentence strip}...

You can also print the Thinking Cap lightbulbs out in b & w and have your kiddos color them in
Cut a half circle to create a flap where the sight words go {teacher job}...

Since I notoriously have "peekers" I've instituted the "no peeking" they have to cover their eyes when their partner puts the word card in their friend's Thinking Cap...

And let the fun begin...

Your kiddos start asking questions about their word.  There are question stems provided in the pack some of them are "Do I have {#} letters?"  "Do I have {#} syllables?", etc.  There's also a recording sheet so your students can write their words down once they are guessed.

I'm going to use my Thinking Cap right now and guess that your students will love them too!
Enjoy the rest of your vacation! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 Bloggy Best and Brightest Linky

I'm loving this linky that Christina over at Bunting, Books & Bainbridge is hosting...

I love looking back at a year and thinking about the wonderful accomplishments and even the bumps and bruises and what I learned from them.  This has been one GREAT year!!!!!

By far, without a doubt I'm so proud of my store over at TpT!!!!  I hemmed and hawed over whether or not I had what it took to tackle this endeavor and I'm so very glad that I did.  Of course I have to thank all of YOU for stopping by and shopping...each sale makes me smile and I never take even one for granted!!!!

I'd have to say my most favorite product that I've created {Which also took me the LONGEST to make...remember, I hem and haw a ton!} for TpT is...

I think I like it so much because it has helped me a ton this year in my guided reading groups.  I have a folder that I filled with the prompts...I made several copies of each prompt ... I have responses to literature at my fingertips and they make my kiddos think.  Easy peasy!

If somebody asks me what my favorite color, my favorite food, my favorite restaurant or any other favorite - I have the hardest time choosing just one.  To share a favorite post with you is way too hard.  I'd have to think over that for I decided to just check my stats and go with a few of my most viewed ones.

My Friendly Letter Post...

You can pick up this freebie....Just click the picture!

And my Spell It, Smell It {Which happens to be a classroom favorite word work activity}...

Another freebie for ya - click on the picture!

What I cherish most about blogging this past year are the number of friendships I have made...a great community of thinkers, supporters and friends! With the bum wrap that teachers can sometimes get it was nice to meet people who uplift and make me want to be an even better educator.  Thanks friends!!!!!

A little confession....I'm not the world's biggest pinner.  I just can't wrap my brain around it really...I pin stuff, but I don't get the followers business and all that jazz.  Anyway, I'm working on it and started a K-2 Bloggers Board  {Thanks pinning guru Lori for the idea} I filled it with great blogs that I love to go check it out if you're looking to add more blogs to your addiction!  I have to add Third Grade Doodles to the mix...I almost added her to my K-2 board but couldn't do it because it would mess up my attempt at organization...HA! She's an awesome blogger who will really get you thinking!!!

Well, there you have it....lots of bright spots on this here take a look in that mirror...

Do you see who that is?  It's YOU...I thank YOU for making 2012 such a great year for this little 'ol blog!!!!

Merry, Merry! Happy, Happy!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 in '12 Linky

This is one of my favorites...

Remember, I'm this is RIGHT up my alley...

Hadar & Kristin are hosting!

12. Favorite movie{s} you watched:
Good gravy, I loved this movie {the books were so addictive}!

Loved watching this with my of my favorites this year! Ha - just noticed I have the Spanish version here...we watched it in English. ;)
11. Favorite TV series:
I just started watching this on NetFlix...holy interesting.  I can't put down my iPad...
10. Favorite restaurant:
I always leave there mouth is watering just thinking about it!
9. Favorite new thing you tried:
This was quite a moment for me - to actually find the STRENGTH to do this.  I can't believe I did - and I thank all of you for your continued support with this endeavor!  It has made me a BETTER teacher!
8. Favorite gift you got:
Well, this is for my upcoming birthday - but the delivery was on the front porch in a box that said "Hammock".  I have wanted one for years and I know I am going to LOVE relaxing in it this summer!  Ahhhhhh...
7. Favorite thing you pinned:
This is just funny, right!?!
6. Favorite blog post:

Toodles to Reading Logs
This post really got people thinking - I love when that happens.  It still has me thinking - as I am doing reading logs this year. I know, I know - I said I was going to say "toodles" to them...I just couldn't do it.  But it's still on my mind and I just might do it in January.  Stay posted!

5. Best accomplishment:
This was my first product on TpT.  I was shaking in my shoes when I posted it and then it became one of my best sellers!  Woo hoo!!!!!!! {And thank all of you who have ever purchased something from my store}
4. Favorite picture:

I don't think I need to explain this one...isn't it gorgeous!?!
3. Favorite memory:
See above #4

2. Goal for 2013:
My Goal:  To think outside the box...
1. One Little Word:

My OLW Last Year:
Strength - I blogged about it HERE and HERE.
It's going to take me FOREVER to think of a new one. 
I had many moments where strength was needed and I thank God for the strength He gives me each day. 

 Go check out the linky party and read your favorite bloggers favorites for 2012! Link up if you can and if you can't - tell me about your year! {Because I'm nosey!}

P.S. I looked up the spelling of nosy/nosey because I'd type it and it wouldn't look right - then I'd change it and it still didn't look right. I  guess it's one of those words where either spelling is acceptable.  Who knew!?


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pay It Forward Winner

Happy Saturday,

I wanted to annouce the winner last night but time and ears got in the way.  Well, actually - just one ear. My ear.  I've got an ear infection...those things are no fun!

First, I want to say that I really wish I could give to each charity that was mentioned.  I've looked up each one - many were new to me.  Again, what a reminder that life is precious and that there is a lot of good being done in the world.  I'm so happy to be a small part of it.  If any of my readers are looking for a charity to donate to - please check the comments in this post.

To be able to give to this foundation is an honor. 

Please go visit this amazing families tribute to hero and fallen firefighter, Stephen Siller.  I hope they know that while they have lost a beloved family member - they serve as an inspiration of strength and bravery to those who are touched by their story.  Thank you!
Many Blessings!
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