Saturday, December 3, 2011

*Warning* Read at Your Own Risk *Warning*

**You cannot blame me for neglecting your family, household chores, lesson planning or holiday shopping because of this post.  You have been warned.**

I saw that a friend "liked" this guy on Facebook...followed her "like" and happened upon this:

This guy {Mr. Smith} is an absolute riot.  He's got some really clever ideas. You watch one video and you're hooked. I mean it, I spent all last night watching one, then another, then another.  I even woke up in the middle of the night and crept downstairs to watch another few.  I think I have a crush on Mr. Smith. 

Watching him made me wonder how common it is for teachers, especially lower elementary teachers, to act so silly when they teach - in hopes of getting and keeping their students' attention.  Are you girls a little theatrical in your classrooms or are you pretty straight laced? 

I've got my "sister" who works "down on the farm" who sometimes comes in to teach a lesson {not often though, I have a hard time maintaining a southern accent}.  I use the receiver of my classroom phone {I unplug it and bring it to my carpet area...this serves two purposes: 1.  The kids are wraptly attentive 2. The office's calls can't come through} and pretend I'm calling a good friend to make a book recommendation, retell a story to one of my BFF's or tell Mr. W. how excited I am to have one of my first graders teach me something I didn't know - "Like, OMG Mr. W., did you, like know that, like 'th' makes you, like stick out your tongue?!?!  Isn't that, like, so naughty Mr. W.??? Yeah, one of, like, my really smart first graders just taught me that. Like, you should, like tell your middle schoolers that, like just in case they didn't, like already know" {Please don't tell my secretaries I sometimes conveniently forget to, like, plug my phone back in after the lesson}.  One time, we were reading a story in reading groups and came to a really "sad" part and I grabbed a tissue and started carrying on, crying, blowing my nose, the whole business.  One of my little guys said "You better man up Mrs. W." - so darn funny.  We put tissues in all of our reading zippies just in case their parents needed one.  One parent had a better sense of humor than me because he colored in the tissue with greenish marker and put it back in the zippie.  What a jokester. 

Do you ever put on your comedic teaching hat?

I'd like to shout out some giveaways while I'm at it too...

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Rebecca, Kristin, Jennifer and Caitlin are all having an awesome giveaway over at Teaching First! Lots of goodies to be had!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!! Both my boys made their first baskets in their basketball games.  I overreacted...just a wee bit...with my cheers.  I was so darn happy for them since we only have one more game to go!

Time to go read under my new reading lamp....ahhhhh


  1. I love to really 'ham' it up with my class. It's a good thing the parents aren't there or they would think I'm crazy! That's what I love about 1st grade- you can still be goofy and they love it!

  2. Hey! I saw the Teacher Tipster guy first! He's mine! I have always been silly at home with my own kids, but at school my cooperating teacher tells me I need to loosen up. I'm always afraid that if I start getting silly I'll lose control of my class and never get them back- so I'm searching for a balance.

  3. This video is awesome!! Nothing like hamming it up for the kiddos!! I thought all lower elementary teachers were secret movies stars in the waiting! ;)

    Teaching First

  4. I think my kids are always afraid of me at the beginning of the year. Then they realize I'm just not normal. Or anything like their kindergarten teacher.
    I'm pretty much crazy most of the day.
    Just yesterday, one of my kids asked if I knew the Fireworks song. He may have been a bit surprised when he was knocked down to the floor from my talented voice singing the song at the top of my lungs.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Don't you love him?! Thanks for my smile! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  6. You have me hooked!! He is so fun!! Makes me feel a lot better about being goofy with my class! :)

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  7. Hi there~
    I have nominated YOU for the Sunshine Award! You are wonderful at what you do! Please visit my blog to learn more about this award! :)


  8. I have a crush on Mr. Smith too! He is wonderful and funny (much like my husband).
    2B Honey Bunch

  9. Hi Holly,
    Thanks VERY much for the shout out!!!
    And you can now download the gingerbread math game. The link was there, it just wasn't on the picture. It was on the caption instead. Not sure why it does that. But now the link is with both pictures. Sorry for the hassle.
    Take care.

    Grade ONEderful

  10. I love Mr. Smith too! And I'm totally theatrical in the classroom. I sing silly songs, make funny gestures, use strange voices, you name it. Hey, if it helps keep my firsties focused for more than 5 minutes, anything is worth a try.
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!


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