Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Craft Project Ideas & A Little Bragging!

Hi Folks!

How the heck are you?!?  I think about you often...I haven't forgotten about you!!!!

School is in full swing.  Have I ever told you that I always think about switching grade levels for the first two weeks of first grade?  I'm sure I've told you that before because I think it every single year! This year was no different.  Those little buggers just test the waters those first few days and it always makes me quiver and quake and wonder if I'm ever going to restore order in my classroom!?!?

Then it happens. They figure it out.  They realize you mean business and they remember {pretty much} what school is all about.  Then I can't imagine teaching any other grade.

So, I came home one day last week and I was tuckered...couldn't even think or see straight.  Found- the-peanut-butter-in-the-freezer tired.  The doorbell rang and the UPS man handed me a happy little package.  Of course I didn't remember ordering anything, but that's nothing new, and I didn't order anything - this was a complete and total surprise from  Those sweet folks thought it was due time to send me some goodies.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect!!!

I use these EVERYWHERE in my classroom.
These puppies are STRONG and even hold up construction paper!

See all those magnet buttons?

Are these not the cutest little things?  Strong too!
More magnet buttons - and see those cutie pie suction cups
holding up my place value chart?
What? More buttons you say?
I use this one to show what our
noise level should be.

Are you a clothespin snob?
I am and these pass the test.
They don't fall apart easily at all!
They work like butter, I say, like buttah...

I already have plans for these during Daily 5!
Word work, baby!

Can't wait to fill this cart with new word work activities!

This chalkboard is perfect to put our new sight words for the week.
I have this hanging on our focus board.

You can see why my toes tickle whenever sends me these awesome gifts!  If I were to choose two favorites from the box it would definitely be {can you guess?} the magnet buttons and the suction cups!  HA!  My students will LOVE the other stuff more; I'm sure!

And I have to do some bragging here because this group is just filled with dynamos!!!!

That was after only TWO days of working on stamina!
We do something called Math Workplaces.  This time of the day can get a little loud.  The kids are almost always engaged - they love the math tubs, but the noise level can sky rocket.  They have been doing such a great job I just had to brag on them!
Sorting plastic bugs 

Bugs On Board {game with coordinates}

Geoboards - see all those awesome math planners?
My kiddos are doing such a great job recording where they've been
and understand where they need to go!

Which Numeral Will Win? A game played with a loaded spinner!

Awesome pattern block creations!

Polydrons - always a class favorite!
Yes, I love first grade - there, I said it and by golly, I MEAN it!

Happy almost Thursday!

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