Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Faves *Pictures Galore*

Happy Friday!

Where have I been?  Good grief - I don't know.  Busy!  How's that for an answer?  I bet you can relate.  I don't quite know how I could possibly feel busy.  With all the snow days we've been having...I definitely have had my fair share of couch time.  Sometimes when given the opportunity to be lazy, I find it hard to motivate and be productive.  It's when I'm crazy, crazy busy that I seem to get more done.  Strange how that works.  Let's ponder that.  HA!

I thought maybe my first graders would come back after their snow days snoozy.  That wasn't the case.  They were wide awake and hungry for wild crazy times learning.  So learn we did {along with a whole slew of brain breaks}.  Our newest favorite...

Speaking of favorites...I thought I'd share a few of my current ones!

Have you ever had one of those projects that you wanted to undertake, but the thought of actually bringing it to fruition, because of the work involved, was just too daunting?  That's how I felt about organizing my files/binders.  I'm not done - by a long shot - but these two made me smile every single time I looked at them this week.  Organization is almost better than chocolate...

One of my sweeties gave me this little worm.  We call him "Booky the Bookworm".  When somebody is working exceptionally hard during Reader's Workshop, Booky rests comfortably on their desk for the rest of the day.  They love him!

Did I say organization is almost better than chocolate?   I lied.  These were taped to my door the other day.  I tried SO. VERY. HARD. not to eat every last one. But I lost the battle. #sorrynotsorry  Holy goodness.  You might just want to try them!  Organization doesn't hold a candle to these babies.

We've got some green thumbs in our class!  If you follow me on Instagram you'd know how proud we were {WERE} of our burgeoning brassica plants.  They died people!  Goners.  Seriously.  Why does that ALWAYS happen to me?!?  But our that's a work of art!

No words.  I just love starting every single day with our sweet Morning Meeting.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I'm always brushing my kiddos off.  We've got learnin' we gots to do!!!! During morning meeting they are guaranteed an opportunity to share with the group or with a neighbor anything that's on their mind; and we all know they have LOTS on their mind! During our class chit chat we problem solve, chat about any changes that might need to be made, address concerns, or just celebrate our learning.  Great team building!

I have a sweet girl in my class this year who brings me a piece of fruit every couple of weeks.  She's brought some very interesting "exotic fruits" and some old favorites.  When she hands me the fruit, she shares all of its health benefits.  It's the coolest thing ever!  A couple of weeks ago she brought me a prickly pear.  Let's just say they aren't called that for nothin'...OUCH!

One of my "new school year resolutions" was to stay organized.  Planners, in the past, didn't work for me.  I tried putting things in my phone - fail.  This planner was all over Instagram at the end of the summer and I thought, if nothing else - it was cute.  I'm proud to say, I've stuck with it!  Do you see all those snow days?  Yikes!

Meet Sammy Snowman.  He works just like Mr. Mummy. If Sammy sees a Super Sammy Line he sings "Ice, Ice, Baby" {Kickin' it old school} and does a little jig. 

I just added these today - my kiddos are going to love reading the room during Daily 5 - on Monday!

On my way out, at the end of the day today, I just looked at this and smirked.  

Happy weekend! 

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