Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Use Your Eyes To Revise

Hi Girlies!!!!

Okay, this post will serve a few different purposes.  First and foremost - I'm trying to talk my dear friend Barb into joining the blog world.  Why? Because she's one creative, sassy and tech savvy girl - and my blog (and you) need me.  So let's all chant together...BARRRB! BARRRB! BARRRB!

Second on the you remember this post here?  Well, here's a cute little addition to the "Writer's Eye" called...wait for it...

Use Your Eyes To Revise!!!!!  How darn tootin' cute is that? (Thanks Barb - see, I told you we need you)  So you can use your eyes to edit AND revise.  I'm going to hold off until after my next unit before I ask my kiddos to revise (editing with a writer's eye and with our cute lil' glasses went SOOOOOO well)...but I'm so dang excited for it!!!!

In the meantime...I think I'll buy some cheapy joe plastic sunglasses for each kiddo for that big event and send home their paper ones with their packet of writing from the first unit of study so they can share how they work with their family.

Click on the link to download some Use Your Eyes to Revise cuteness!


  1. Hello Holly!
    I just found your blog via The Inspired Apple. I'm a first grade teacher, too and I added you to my blog list that I follow! :) I can already tell just by reading some of your blog posts that you are an awesome teacher!! :)

  2. Very cute!

    And yes, Barb! Barb! Barb! Come join us!

    And last, just remember Holly slow and steady wins the race Blogging is like teaching. We want our impact to be long-term. ☺

    Teaching Blog Addict
    ♥Teaching with TLC

  3. Love the "Use Your Eyes to Revise" idea! It's perfect since my kiddos and I are revising our narratives next week! Now, I need to go find some cheapo glasses!



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