Monday, October 10, 2011

Daily 5 Bumps and Bruises

Hi Girlies,
I think I did something wrong - my post is gone from my own dashboard but I see it when I check from hubbies...  Anyhoo...sorry if this is a double post, but I can't even find it in my posts.  Strange!

I really like Daily you ever worry that you're becoming one of "those" teachers?  You know, the ones that are stuck in their ways and don't want to try new things?  I was doing Book Nooks/Literacy Centers and was really happy with them...after joining the blogging world, I was inspired...I've been inspired in SO many ways.

I'm a chef's surprise kinda girl..I like to take a little bit of this and a little bit of that....tweak it to make it mine and call her a day.  So, while I say I'm doing Daily 5...I am, sorta, kinda, pretty much...

So far we're up to 13 minutes during read-to-self...woot woot!  I added Book Nooks and I tell you, my pokers, touchers, talkers have magically stopped their prodding and nudging and are really reading those books.  Phew (we went from 10 minutes to 13 in one session)!

One of my tweaks is read-to-someone - I do this on Fridays, I like it feels right.  I love walking around the room, venti nonfat chai in hand, and record all of the great things I see and hear on my clipboard. The kids can't wait for me  to "report out" my observations.  One of my most favorite days of the week. (Okay, truth be told, I'm afraid of the management piece if I put it in my Daily 5...that, and I can't walk around with my Starbucks...with my jeans...and my tennies, I'm only allowed that on Fridays!!!!)

Today, I introduced our writing notebook (you can download my cover if you want) and am so excited to do more than just Lucy each day.  I just know my kids are going to like writing lists, poems, short stories...tomorrow they will start writing in them.

I haven't introduced working with words - but plan on doing that next week....ahhhh, I'm overwhelmed thinking of how it will all fit together and WHEN!?!?

Here's my quandary - I'm feeling a little behind.  Am I?  Do you think I need to pick up the pace? My pace feels good and I'm really trying to make "start slow so you can move fast later" my mantra....but I'm easily swayed when I see reading groups in full tilt across the hall.

Where are my teacher-friends who started school after Labor Day?  Am I way behind you?

Thanks bunches!

Here's a copy of my cover....


  1. Wow Holly, that's kinda crazy! I'm in the exact same place with D5. Hope you had a great day!

  2. You're a funny girl, Barb!!!!

  3. I am also feeling behind. So far I've only introduced and fully implemented read to self. We are up to 19 minutes and I'm working on implementing work on writing. This is my first year with Daily 5 and I'm really loving it and I figure if I have to take my time with it to get it right, it will be okay in the end! Good luck!

  4. I am so glad that you found my blog and that we can iron out the bumps and bruises of the Daily 5 together!! I like the idea of just doing Read to Someone on Friday too! I had originally toyed with the idea of not doing it at all...same as you...the management part but maybe once a week will work for us!
    Thinking of Teaching

  5. I love the read to someone time...I get to it 3 times a week...although I GIVE THEM what to read...1day our poetry binder, another a class book from an old reading series we have, the other is their choice.
    Love your blog...

  6. I just found your blog tonight... I'm a new follower :)

    I started Daily 5 last year and was so worried about going too slow or doing it exactly "right" (whatever that is).

    This year it's the Daily 4. And my poor kiddos have no choice-- although I call the rotations a choice- lol. I just do Read to Self (all at the same time), writing (all together), word work and listening. It has worked well for me, but I'm a little bit of a control freak. I had actually planned to blog about Daily 5 tonight. Jump over to my blog if you'd like more details, but it sounds like things are going well for you. Slow and steady works well. Don't worry about it!


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