Friday, November 11, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Them Some Turkey Flakes?

Hey Girlies!

Gobble, gobble!?!  That's what I've been saying to get my kiddos attention this week.  I say "Gobble Gobble" they repeat it back.  I change my octave {cool word} they change theirs to match. I say it soft, they say it soft - you get the idea.  They love my little turkeys.

It has been quite a busy week...and I'm computerless {again}.  Okay, I do have my son's computer but it's slower than molasses in January, and my fingers don't land on the right keys so I have to retype my sentences like a 1,000 times and it's driving me nuts. {Computer update: it is indeed a virus.  The Geek Squad are working on it and will need to keep it for a few days.  Hopefully we'll find out which file did the damage - is that possible?  If it is, please cross your fingers that it was nothing I downloaded...HA!}

This week in Learning Stations we played Odd and Even Turkey Trot {Here} from Sunny Days in Second Grade to reinforce the concept of odd and even numbers. Some of my kiddos really challenged themselves by adding together three dice and decided if the number they came up with was odd or even.  Super fun game!!!! 

Turkeys are flyin' around everywhere in Room 8 - it's even SNOWING turkeys.  Yes, we have turkey flakes and to top it all off...right after we made our turkey flakes we had our first SNOW of the season.  You should have seen the kids...they swear our turkey flakes made the real ones happen outside our window. So darn cute!!!!

We read and illustrated this poem:

A turkey is a funny bird,
Its head goes wobble, wobble.
And all he knows is just one word,
And that is gobble, gobble.

{I downloaded a cute copy of this from somebody in blogland - if you recognize it and it's yours - please let me know so I can give credit where credit's due!}
And then made our own wobble wobble head turkeys - they sure do brighten up our classroom.

Next week we'll dive into what Thanksgiving is all about and why we celebrate...

Gobble, gobble...

And girls, tell me what your fascination is with Pinning?  I tried this summer and I think I must be missing something.  I just noticed the search bar at the top when I went back on the other day.  Do you just search out different things and then pin the ones you like?  If it's that easy - maybe I'll succumb to Farley's "pin pressure"!! As if I need ANOTHER reason to be on this dang computer...

Happy weekend!!!!!


  1. Hi Holly,
    I stumbled across your blog while I was visiting Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business. I wanted to say that I LOVE your turkey flakes, and I also LOVE the wobble head turkeys! Any advice on making the turkey flakes?

  2. Hi Holly! What cute turkeys!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Happy weekend, girl!
    Teaching First

  3. I Pin because I always forget where I saw that something cute I wanted to do/make! If I see something I like on a blog or webpage and it's not something I can use right away then I Pin it rather than printing it out and risking losing the pages before I get around to it. This way I also don't have to download files onto my computer - just Pin it and I can go back any time I want! Thanks for your super cute wobble turkey idea!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten


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