Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Influential People - Each and Every One of Us!

Hi Girls!

I'm a stable mable - love for things to stay the same.  Always pictured myself old and gray and retiring all donned in wooden jewelry from Room 202 at Eagle Elementary.  Boy was my world rocked when I found out they were going to close my school.  I met so many amazing kids and family at that place.  So many wonderful memories - I wonder if I'll ever stop referring to it as "home". 

I don't play favorites - not really, but three years ago I had the most amazing class.  I used to joke around that I could leave, go to Starbucks, pick up a venti nonfat chai and come back to my kids still working hard.  They were that group where somebody would do something another person didn't really like and one would say "Could you please not do that?" and the other would say "Oh, okay - I'm sorry".  They were THAT good 99.99999% of the time. 

Not only were the kids amazing - their parents were too {Big surprise - we all know the apple typically doesn't fall far from the tree and in some cases it's the nut...not that year though}.  So supportive, fun, lively and sweet.

I was SO surprised when I opened an email from one of the moms asking me to come to their Girl Scout meeting because they wanted to interview a "strong and influential woman".  Who, me?!? I was a little worried whether or not they considered me to be a GOOD or BAD influence...I mean, I have been known to do somersaults or take off my shoes and socks - and throw them out the classroom door because they "knocked the socks {and shoes} right off my feet". 

I hightailed it over to their school right after my bell rang this afternoon.  Couldn't wait to see those sweet little faces.  Oh my gosh, I pulled up to the school and the girls and their moms were jumping up and down {they really were!} and clawing at the door {literally} it was so sweet...they know just how to make a girl feel good! The minute I stepped foot in the door I was bombarded with hugs and questions and do-you-remember-when's?"...

They remembered when they needed a pick-me-up, my "twin" whose last name rhymed with my own  would come visit from "the farm" - country accent and all {don't ask - I have no idea what I was thinking that day, walked into my closet and came out with a cowboy hat} but they asked me how Mrs. W, "your twin", was doing.  They asked me if the "bear had to come out of the cave" ever - because it only had to come out of the cave one time their year.  {The "bear" sometimes comes out of its cave when little first graders don't listen} And they asked me if I'd done any somersaults lately...we laughed a lot that year....

All of these questions and our laughter and hugs made me think of this sign I have hanging in my room.  I'm sorry I can't remember whose blog I found this - but it's an awesome reminder.

Those girls were thinkers.  Asking me who influenced me the most when I was their age, what roadblocks I encountered along the way to fulfilling my dream of becoming a teacher, how I stumbled over those little bumps, and what sterotypes I faced as a child and what stereotypes I see kids facing today.  WOW!!!!!  They wanted to know how I got so strong and what Girl Scout "laws" I feel are important  in what I do.  HOLY MOLY!!!!  Those girls were, indeed, thinkers and such loves.  My gosh do I miss them.

Teacher friends, you are moving mountains each and every day...I'll never forget how this day made ME feel!


  1. What a great story! I too had the WONDER class. I love my firsties this year but that groups was the kind of group you get once in your career. Love the sign too!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. have to figure those girls have been exposed to so many women in their lives....other teachers, relatives, women at church....and they voted to have you to come speak to them....that speaks volumes about the type of person you must be! Looks like they've chosen the right role model!
    Going Nutty! Staci

  3. This is such a nice story! How flattering that they chose YOU! And I love that poster. Thank you for sharing!

  4. LOVE THIS!!! How inspiring! I got a little choked up. Seriously!! And I have been known to fall out of my chair, pass out, and do cartwheels, too. Whatever it takes, right?
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Wonderfully touching story! Such an honor to chosen by those children.
    First Grade Delight

  6. Hi Hollly , I love that sign too! I found it on Doodle Bugs Teaching, and have it in my classroom too. It's a great reminder.


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