Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't Miss my Giveaway and a Freebie!!

Holy Toledo!

I'm mighty happy at the response - come one, come all - come and enter my giveaway.  Couldn't have come at a better time, right?  I'm sure you have some last minute shopping you have to do.  Last minute?  Yeah, you're all done with your shopping like I am - right?  Just have to pick up a few more things, right?  HA!

Since I'm so thankful for all of you I thought I'd toss a freebie your way.  It's so nice to have a first grader of my own.  He brings cute stuff home, I email his teacher asking for a copy.  Or, I recreate it myself.  The other day I asked him about Daily 5 {which his teacher ROCKS out} and how they do Listen to Reading.  My headhphones have seen better days {the foam keeps coming off, a couple of pair are bent beyond recognition} and he said one simple yet sweet little word "earbuds".  HELLO!!!!!  Get outta mean there are people out there who have been holding onto this secret called earbuds without sharing it?!?!?!  So I quickly hopped on email and asked my parents to send in a pair of earbuds for their little ones to keep in their personal bookshelves to be used with our netbooks...I just love when people are smarter than me {and I eventually hop on board}.  So, thanks Mrs. Pace for the earbuds AND for this cute little Thanksgiving book that I'll be using next year and I hope you all might be able to as well!

Clipart: Scrappin Doodles

Don't forget to enter the gift card giveaway and tell all of your friends about it too!!!!
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  1. I have a first grader too!!! I do exactly the same thing. At his conference, I was like, yeah, yeah, he's doing fine, but tell me how you do....

    1st in Maine

  2. I got my dry erase cube from Really Good Stuff and the pocket cube from Carson Dellosa!


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