Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guess Who? Freebie!

What a wild, wild week....

So what do you think of this conference schedule?

Monday - Halloween {need I say more?}
Tuesday - teach all day - conferences 4:30-7:30
Wednesday - teach all day {pull my hair out}
Thursday - teach all day - conferences 4:30-7:30
Friday - 1/2 day with kids - conferences 12:30-3:30

Does that seem like a funky conference schedule?  What's yours like?

On a brighter note - my conferences went really well tonight. I had some toughies but the parents were all super responsive.  Phew!

Each year we have our awesomely talented parapro trace the silhouettes {can I tell you how many times I tried spelling that word?  Still doesn't look right and I googled it...oy} of each first grader.  Then we have them write "clues" and attach.  As the parents wait for their conference they do a "First Grade Who's Who".  The parents love it and it's a wonderful keepsake. 

My phone doesn't do them justice -you should see the details - she actually uses a razor blade to get the details of the eyelashes, tufts of hair...just amazing. 

Here's a copy of the clues:

Hoping to make it through this week without developing a twitch...I feel one coming on.  Must be time for a bubble bath...


  1. Those silhouettes are amazing! You are so lucky to have someone that will take the time to cut all those details out.

    I thought my week of Halloween/conferences was crazy, busy...until I saw your schedule...wow!! Good luck with the rest of your week! :)

    Morning Sun First Grade

  2. I love them! Think she'll drive to lake Orion to do my class? Lol. We have conferences on the 14th and 16th from 4-8:30...makes for 2 long days!

  3. SO CUTE!!! By the way---I'm your newest follower :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. These are cute!
    Teaching First

  5. Oh My Goodness! Those are awesome. I made those once (and cut them out with scissors) & the were sooo much work... I can't imagine spending so much time doing that!!! WOW!!!

    First Grade Delight


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