Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reading Celebration

Hey Chickaroonies...

You know how I love having reading and writing celebrations at the end of each unit!!!!  I keep them simple - so they really aren't any extra prep on my part.  I saw a parent {Paparazzi} a while back at Target {where else?!?} and she told me that one of her daughter's fondest memories of first grade were our academic celebrations.  This made my day and confirmed that they are a worthwhile addition to our classroom.  Here's a copy of the note I'm sending home reminding the parents of our upcoming "Shoeless Workshop" {please pray for no evacuation drills...that would be my luck, right?  I always worry about that...}.

We've already had our first writer's celebration which was to share our "published piece" with our writing partner and then we all had an apple juice toast.  Click {HERE} to read about it and see pictures.

Have a great week!!!!!!

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