Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Week in {lots of} Pictures {Five or More for Friday}...

Hey Everybody!

How's your school year going?  Hanging in there?  Feeling on top of the world, or ready for a break?  If you remember, Michigan doesn't start until after Labor Day, so we're just finding our groove around these parts. And our groove we have found!

My 18 boys and 5 girls are really getting the hang of this first grade gig.  We've been taking a lot of brain breaks {which is good for everyone - myself included!!!!!  I've been known to cut a rug!}.  When I give my students a 5 minute brain break it buys me about 20 more minutes of learning time.  What a bargain!  I found this website that is FULL of great ones.

Here's our current fave:

Daily 5 is going very well!!!! We're up to 15 minutes Read to Self, 12 minutes Work on Writing and 10 minutes Word Work...can't wait to start our guided reading groups!  Almost!!!!

 Great Tower Challenge:  Using what we know about properties of solids to build towers!

Daily 5 book shopping
This was last year - remember how proud I was of those shelves?

This is today...I'm sad, sad, sad to say...

A student is bringing me one fruit each week - she even included a peppermint stick to help make the lemon cute is that!?!?

My little pumpkins weren't wanting to clean up after snack time - this snail race timer did the trick!

We go a little wild at our house....

If you make a "mummy line" he'll sing and dance for you!!!

Look what I came home to yesterday!!!!! has been so good to me!!!!  The letter they sent said that "Christmas has come early this year" and that they "hope the package of goodies will tide you over for your 2013 holiday crafting season".  My first graders are going to be SO excited to use the fun stuff they sent....FREE!!!!  The quality of their products is awesome. I've purchased some craft materials in the past that were so flimsy and hard to create with that my kiddos would get so frustrated.  Their stuff rocks!!!!!  Go check them out on Facebook for some fun ideas!!!!

I hope you had a great week...what went well for you?  What do wish might have gone differently? Share your Stars and Wishes...

Happy weekend!!!!

Go check out Doodle Bugs for more classroom snapshots at her classroom Five For Friday {or in my case - a little more than that} linky party...



  1. Love those brain breaks!! Now I need that timer!
    My cupboards aren't looking so hot, either, anymore. I understand.

  2. I love your Halloween decorations. Just finished decorating tonight, but when we moved last January, I tossed my Pumpkin lights because some were broken. This is making me want to go shopping!

    The Resourceful Apple

  3. The brain break video site you shared is awesome!! I'm definitely going to add those to my repertoire!

    - Katy

    First Grade Kate

  4. I love Just Dance brain breaks! We do One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"!

  5. Cannot believe you have 18 boys...MY GOD! Love those Brain Break ideas--my kids are really into the Sid Shuffle this year from Ice Age. I may have to start using Just Dance breaks! Love that mummy, btw!

  6. Ok- Mummy Line is great! I don't have a Mummy, so I think I will dance and sing for them when they line up correctly....think that will work?
    Miss you girl!!!
    ☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜

  7. Holly- I had the same problem with my cabinets... So much so that I ended up at work last Sunday for 5 hours cleaning them out. :/

    I love that mummy!! :) I might need one but I think I'll have to call him "Lazarus" to make it "ok" at my school. ;)
    A Day in First Grade

  8. That is a ton of boys! I bet they cause you a little trouble :) I am having a giveaway on my blog. Come and check it out!

    Keep Calm and Apple On

  9. Thanks for sharing the brain break list! I'm so happy I found your site through my referral traffic. You have a TON of great stuff! I'm going to add you to my 'Links I Love' page. Happy New Year!


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