Wednesday, July 24, 2013 ... have you heard of it?

Happy Tuesday {that's what it was to me all day - until my husband broke the news that it was Wednesday!}!!!

No humidity?  I'll take it.  Sunny and blue skies?  Yup - I'll take that too.  It has been so incredibly hot and muggy here in MI it's been unbearable.  You needed to either be in a pool or air conditioning. Holy hotness. But today...was GORGEOUS!

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day {The phone grows out of my ear, doncha know?  I'm on that thing constantly}and she mentioned that her school district is using to do their lesson planning.  That same day a blogger friend asked about it which piqued my interest enough to check it out.

Have you heard of it?  I think I may just have fallen head over heels in love with it.

Up until now, I've sort of been in this century...sort of. I mean, I don't hand write *everything* I do have a template that I write on and it has always worked for me {and I'm open to defaulting back to it if I fall apart}.  

But having them online, where I can access them anywhere, and easily send them to my teammies, or the office gals when I have a guest teacher, AND can very simply include the Common Core Standards...that's why I'm pretty sure I'm going this route for this coming school year.  

I can even add notes to my lesson plans that help the guest teacher understand our routines and where to find materials.

AND...I can include hyperlinks in my plans or attach docs to them.  

AND...I can make them visible to my teammates, my principal, my parents {there's a homework section}...

OH and it's only 12 buckaroonies a YEAR! Really - that's all. If you're interested in hearing more about it here are a couple tutorials from their website.  You can click {here} to see every tutorial.

It really only took me about 15 minutes to figure out how it works - I'm still playing around under my 30 day free trial... and find cool features each time. Are you like me?  When I find something new and useful for the next school year it makes me all the more excited to get back {don't get me wrong - I'm still enjoying my summer and am so happy we don't go back until the end of August}.

I just went back and re-read this and it sounds like I'm in cahoots with - I'm not. I don't even know the geniuses on the other side {?!} but I think I'd probably hug them if I did. I just had to share with all of you, something that I think will make my life easier and hopefully yours.

I have to share one more thing with you...I walked {like a pep step walk} 8 miles today!!!!  It felt so good...I haven't mentioned it here {uh, I don't think}, but I'm on a quest for a healthier me.  I've been "Instagramming" my progress if you're looking for motivation....

I've walked off 22 pounds so far!!!!!  Holla!


  1. Ok, so I'm such a dork here - do you print out your plans after you've made them online? I really like online things, but I really, really like having my plans printed out so I can take a peek at them.

    1. Hi Sara,
      There is an option to print them out. I don't think I will. I'm going to try to just have them up on my computer and minimize them when I need to go to different sites. I'm going to ask my principal what he wants me to do at the end of the year {we have to turn our plans in at the end}. Hopefully him having access to them online will be good enough....I'm hoping to go as paperless as possible. I understand wanting a paper copy and you can print them off by the day or the whole week.


  2. I love!! I stated using it really late in the year and can't wait to start from September this year. Our school had signed up for a different online planner but it just wasn't working out for me and I LOVE the layout/color-coding of planbook so I switched.

    Eight miles is excellent, congrats Holly!

  3. Go girl!!!! I walked six yesterday. I haven't lost a lot of weight though!! Keep it up, you look amazing!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the plan book. I signed up and I'm LOVING it. They have such great tutorials that even I can do it!


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