Friday, April 6, 2012

Slowing Down Time...

...Here I thought if I put it on my Currently, that would make it real...guess not, because I'm trying SO dang hard to slow down time - this spring break is FLYING by...  Rats.

We had such a simple and sweet week.  My favorite part, by far, is each morning my boys crawl into bed with me making a "Momma Sandwich".  We lay there chatting, snuggling, and acting silly.  Those are the moments I will hold onto forever.

Another highlight?  I finished The Hunger Games and am in the middle of Catching Fire. Oh my gosh...why didn't you tell me to read these sooner?  Holy awesome!!!!!  You know that friend I sometimes talk about?  Barb?  She's into them too {I think I might of guilted her into it} so she and I are...GOING TO THE MOVIE TONIGHT!!!!!! We're meeting up with some other friends afterward for drinks.  Can you think of a better way to spend an evening!?!  So far, the characters remain in my mental images. I haven't paid attention to any commercials or anything, so I can't wait to see what everybody looks like! {ETA: I was supposed to post this yesterday - but a little snafu prevented that from happening.  You'll read about that later...}

Which leads to my freebie...we wrapped up our unit on mental images in reader's workshop right before break.  We have had such a wild and crazy month I just didn't have it in me to have much of a to-do so the kids all brought a flashlight.  Here's the note I sent has my classroom information on it, but you could always just use the idea and tweak it for your classroom by making your own.

Here's another mental image poem paper.

I hope you can use one or both.  I took pictures of our celebration on my iPad, but I guess I need a cord or something to get them onto my computer {Since I don't have a Mac}.  It was a lot of fun and I got some really great pictures of the kids snuggled up with friends, in the dark, with a cool glow of the flashlight, reading}...I'll have to leave that to your OWN mental images!

Yesterday was a fun day - we went to the library, then off to an arcade with my oldest's good friend.  The boys had a blast and begged to have their friend {our neighbor} come back over to play because they won a disco ball and wanted to have a disco party in the basement. 

You would have gotten a chuckle out of their imaginations. Disco ball was all set up, 70's station turned on the t.v. and silly kids dancing their little hearts out.  Innocent enough.  <enter laser tag guns>. Somehow this sweet disco party turned ALL BOY. 

My oldest comes upstairs, relatively calm, not bawling or anything {which is SO not like him when he gets hurt} so I thought his disco ball was broken {said friend tends to break things...never on purpose...he's just a rough and tumble boy}.  So I say "Don't tell me - it broke".  He slowly nods his head no and opens his mouth.

HIS TOOTH WAS BROKEN IN HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness.  Not what I expected.  Apparently, those laser tag guns are hard and heavy and should never come in contact with a tooth.  I felt so bad, in a bit of a huff, I sent our neighbor home {poor guy felt SOOOOO bad}...found the other half of the tooth on the carpeted stair, got a baggy, filled it with milk, and stuck his tooth in there.  Where did I learn that?!?  I'm not sure, but it turns out it was the right thing to do because it made it possible to reattach it to his tooth that was still intact.

Yeah, would have been possible had I found all the pieces.

Turns out, I had the largest chunk of the tooth, but was missing several small pieces.  Darn.

The whole process was a bit traumatic for my man {and his momma - because it's so true that when our kids are hurting we, the parents, hurt TWICE as much}.  After a few shots, some grinding down, and bonding later he was as good as new.  It really does look very nice...but I'm still really bummed.  No more biting into apples for him...

And Hunger Games?  Soooooooooooo good!  If you haven't hopped on that bandwagon, you should!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!


  1. Oooh, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the characters. I think most of them were spot-on to how I imagined them, except for Peeta. That actor did not mesh well with the image in my head. Also, I had a different idea of what Cinna looked like.

    Enjoy it! I went with my sister to see it again last night, and it was just as good the second time!


  2. I finished The Hunger Games over my spring break last week! So amazing! And I'm on Catching Fire right now, too! I haven't seen the movie yet, but heard it was amazing! Your poor boy, glad things worked out, though.

  3. Awww poor thing!! I would have been freaking out!! I went and saw the Hunger Games and it was amazing. I can't wait to see the next one. I love how the movie tells a complete story instead of just getting cut off half way through. Tell me what you think after you see it!

  4. I love the flashlight celebration and pizza poem! Thank you so much!

    Question: How did you get the black and white picture of the flashlight? I am not a techy person!

    Your poor kiddo! =(

    Happy Easter sweet friend! =)

    Heather's Heart

  5. Thanks for sharing the mental images! Love the idea of reading with flashlights!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. I did the same thing with The Hunger Games- anytime a commercial would come on I closed my eyes and covered my ears (it was a bit extreme) because I didn't want to know who the actors were since I was in the middle of it. I'm in the middle of the second book now and going to see the movie hopefully this afternoon!

    Hope your son feels better! I remember my brother and his friend always wrestling around as kids and a few teeth popping out as well. Oh boys...

    Tales of An Elementary Teacher

  7. I'm trying to slow down time, too. Maybe if we joined forces . . .
    Your poor son!! OW!! OW!! OW!!
    I saw Hunger Games for the THIRD TIME yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    I hope you'll love it!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. I agree- if you and Kristin let me in on your "slowing down time" thing... perhaps the three of us and every other spring breaker out there in bloggy land can make a difference! I can't believe it's almost over!!!!

    Enjoy the movie... you'll love it!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  9. Oh man there is nothing worse than a broken tooth. My daughter broke one of mine when she was two (she jumped when I bent lol). I had it fixed and has been for almost 16 years now. NOW the Hunger Games, NEVER thought I would like a book like that, only read it because I was out of books (borrowed from the daughter)and WOW loved it!!!! Going to see the movie this weekend.
    Happy Easter!

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  10. Sorry about your poor baby!
    LOVE the Hunger Games! Finished all 3 books in a week! Didn't do much else until I finished reading them! Loved the movie, but Peeta was not at all how I pictured him. The best books and movie ever though! :)
    Crayons and Curls


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