Saturday, October 26, 2013

Conferences, etc. {and some freebies!}

We made it through the first round of conferences.  It was a long, long week - but we made it!  We had conferences two nights this week and then again on Friday afternoon.  Yes, Friday afternoon!  I don't know who thought up that nonsense - but I was one sad, sad teacher who didn't get to wake up a wee bit later {because of course Fridays aren't hair washin' days}and sport her jeans and tennies.

Aside from that, conferences went really, really well!  I have such a nice group of kiddos this year and their parents are just as nice. I don't mind one bit that the apples didn't fall far from those trees.  It was nice to have a number of conferences where I could say "Yup, your kiddo is awesome...and I could end this conference here and now".  

I always open up my conferences with asking the parents if they have any burning questions or something they'd like me to address before I go into my spiel.  Sometimes they do and sometimes their questions require me to do a little "research". I don't want to forget - so I jot them down {because Lord knows, I can forget something mere seconds after you've asked}.  

I also have my parents write a love note to their kiddos and then I do a "special delivery" the next day.  

You can pick these up {here}...
Feels good to have those under my belt...

I'm tired, though.  All that smilin', thinkin' and talkin' just plain tires me out.  My laundry is ALL out of control and my house...let's just say it's Halloween Ready with all the dang cobwebs.  Who wants to spend their weekend taking care of that business?  Not me!  It's times like this that I REALLY wish I had a cleaning lady.  

I am so happy for bloggy friends who have my back...I already know what I'm going to do next week thanks to Leigh over at The Applicious Teacher...have you seen her new "Not So Spooky" Halloween pack?  

I am just in love with the how-to's and the adorable pumpkin craft!!!!  If you are looking for some fun learning next should go check it out!

Alrighty...time to watch some Vampire guilty pleasure!

Happy weekend!!!!


  1. Those look great! I'm going to come back and grab them when I get home. We don't do conferences for another few weeks, but I might start a few real soon! I like the idea of the parents leaving them a note.

  2. Friday afternoon conferences??? You deserve a cleaning lady!!!!
    I have to go check out that Not so Spooky pack. Looks super cute!

    1. Apparently, a teacher didn't make that decision! ;)

  3. Thanks for the freebies! I'll be using the Conference Notes during my conferences in mid-November. I hope you had a restful weekend. :)
    - Kelly Campbell :)

  4. Thanks so much for the freebies! They're adorable and I love the idea of the parent/guardian(s) writing the students notes - that's adorable and very exciting for the students, I'm sure! Hope you enjoyed your weekend :)

  5. Friday conferences?! Poor thing, Holly! Here I thought my Friday duty was bad! LOL! Thank you for the love! Hope your kiddos enjoy the activities as much as mine have!

    The Applicious Teacher


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