Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teachers Taking Care of Teachers

Are you gearing up for a Happy Monday in the classroom?  I know I am, but there are so many who have been left without a home to live in or schools to teach in.  The 44 tornadoes that tore through 5 states on March 2nd have left many with losses that are beyond what I could ever imagine. 

Crystal over at Kreative in Kindergarten is organizing a way for other teachers to help those teachers/families who were affected by these tornadoes.  If you'd like to help out, please click on the heart below. 

In this story an elementary school principal is interviewed after the tornado.

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Honestly, I cannot imagine living through such terror and then moving past it. WE can help those teachers and their students rebuild. 

I know some of my fellow Michigan bloggers and followers live close by one another. If you'd like to drop some items {Extra notebooks, kleenex, bulletin board borders, pushpins, extra books you might have, notes/cards from your students or staff} anything...and nothing is too small} off at my school I would gladly package them up and mail them.  Just email me at  Maybe you can gather others at your school to help out and we can send out one amazingly helpful, from the heart, package{s}.  Of course, feel free to send your own - I just know sometimes I have the best of intentions and then never make it to the post office.  Together we can make a big difference!

Farley, over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade has created a Paypal account for you to donate to as well  and as thanks she created this inspirational poster for you to download for just a dollar. 

Don't just think about doing something....


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