Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do You Wanna Know Who Won? {I bet you do - come take a peek!}

Hey Everybody!

The observation went wonderfully, my sweet little first graders pulled themselves up by their flip flops {although technically, it's March, and in Michigan it should probably still be their BOOTstraps} and did an amazing job.  Lots of big thinkers and hard workers.  My principal made me feel like a million bucks and I can now breathe....okay not yet, I still have pancake making {tomorrow} and report cards looming...but by Sunday - I'll be all smiles!!!

Speaking of smiles - I have three lucky friends who will find themselves grinning after they find out they've won this big 'ol giveaway. 

Without further delay....{There ya have it - go to it...get counting....}

Awww, I'm just foolin'...but I gotta keep the suspense at an all-time high so you'll have to scroll waaaaayyyyyy far down to find out just WHO the lucky three are.....

......Hey, I'm down here - HA!   Hope I didn't lose ya!  Ready? Are you really ready?  Are you really, really ready?

FIRST PRIZE goes to....
Rebecca!!!!!!!!! Who said...
I love your new look! Very cheery! The yellow polka dots are super cute!! I follow all 7 blogs!!
Teaching First

SECOND PRIZE goes to...
Constance!!!!!!!!!! Who said...
I follow all of the TpT and/or TN stores listed above.

THIRD PRIZE goes to...
Tammy!!!!!!!!! Who said...
I feel lucky when I win an AWESOME giveaway like this!
First Grade at Klinger Cafe'

Many congrats girlies and thanks to everybody for entering.  I'll get everything sorted out with the awesome bloggers who participated, tomorrow!  You'll be hearing from us very soon! 

Happy almost weekend - and thank you SO much for all of your kind words yesterday - I read them and thought "I'm not the only one whose been here...I can do this!" 


  1. Aww man!Maybe next time! I hope you have a GREAT Friday! I am currently still on Spring Break. Woohoo!

  2. Yaaaay The one shining spot in my day!!! Thank you so much!!! So glad your day went well today. Have fun with the pancakes and have a very relaxing weekend.
    Thanks again!

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  3. Whoo hoop!!! Hip hip hooray!!! Thank you soooo much!! I can't even tell you how much this made my day!!! Thanks for your wonderful bloggy friendship!! Hogs and tons of love,

    I am glad your observation rocked!! :)

  4. Congrats to all the winners!

    Grade ONEderful

  5. I was so worried about your observation. My kids are whacko after a sub. I am glad it is done...and Sunday is tomorrow! I bet your to do list is getting really small!!!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on the house. I am done with the showings for today...
    fingers crossed!!!


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