Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today In Pictures {Daily 5 Version} etc....

Oh my gosh, I need to go to bed. I was SNORING on the couch just five minutes ago.  Woke myself up with my loudish snorts and realized I wanted to blog tonight.  You've gotta call this dedication...right?

Thanks so much for the good vibes for hubby.  He has two herniated discs.  Lots of PT, cortisone shots and time weren't doing the trick so he had an MRI. They found bone fragments that need to be "shaved down" {ouch}, so the surgery is scheduled for next week.  Yikes.  Just can't wait to get my healthy, happy hubsy back.

Here was my morning this morning...

Daily 5 in Room 8

Roll and Write {Thanks Barb} Word Work

More Word Work With Pipecleaners

Work on Writing

More Work on Writing

Read to Self

Read to Self - I Love This One!

One More Word Work

Listen To Reading - Starfall

Today was one of those magical days where every....single....kid was so into what they were doing.  Not one of them was off-task {this is not an every day occurrence}.  I ran and grabbed my camera and HAD to document this gloriousness!!!!!!

This was me during Word Study...Look familiar?

Now I'm off to saw more logs....


  1. I love Daily 5! Thanks for sharing the video!
    Forever in First

  2. I love that Read to Self pic - with her hair on the pillow and her legs crossed - looks so into what she's reading!

    I hope your husband's surgery goes well, poor guy! And, poor you if he's anything like my husband when he's sick/injured lol!

    I fell asleep on the couch last night - then came to bed where I apparently proceeded to sleep with my eyes open - creeped my husband out when he looked at me and I was starting at him in the dark! Guess we both need to sleep more - but there's too much to do to take time to sleep, right?!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. Love the pic of you in your glasses!! Do you talk in a crazy accent, too!?? Thanks for posting all the photos! I seriously need to start doing that! I'm sooo tired! I am heading to bed early! Hope all goes well with your husband's surgery...Ouch! Doesn't sound fun!


    Teaching First

  4. Love all your pics, especially you! Too cute:)
    Grade ONEderful

  5. Great pictures. We should all do this. I was going crazy though straining to see what exactly the word work was in each picture!

    First in Maine

  6. Thanks for sharing your great pictures! One time I had all of my students all on task all at the same time. It really is incredible. I also ran to grab my camera :) Have a great Thursday! And thank you for the video!!!

  7. I didn't make it on last I am just seeing this now! You are TOO cute! :) When I want my students to do a better job at D5 sometimes I just walk around with my dang camera and pretend to take pictures.
    Loved peeking into your world...and your rocker and easel are SO much like mine!!! We are twins!!! Why am I so excited by this???!!!!

  8. My husband is going through exactly the same thing?!?!? He's been trying PT, the shots, chiropractor, and no luck. MRI shows bone spurs but he doesn't want surgery so he keeps putting it off. I told him to just do it so he can finally feel better! Hope all goes well for your Hubby..keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers!


  9. I LOVE Daily 5!! Thanks for sharing these pictures ;)

    Grow Up Learning

  10. I love those kind of days. We've had a full moon kind of week in my room! I hope everything goes well with your husband's surgery.

  11. Your kiddos look so so engaged!! Rock on!

  12. I love the pictures! I get so excited when a student is into and excited about their learning. I had a student yesterday finish a chapter book and he came up to me and said, "Mrs. Cirrito I just finished my very first chapter book!!! It only took me two days!" Needless to say this student never reads and never is interested in reading. He found a book he liked and finished it all the way through! I told him I would find more books like that one, because it was apart of a series! (Barnes and Nobel here I come!)

    1. I'm hitting "reply" to this post - I wonder what will happen :) That's so awesome about your little chapter book reader. Interest and enthusiasm sure do go a long way, don't they?

      Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

    2. How did you do that! Reply??? where did that come from! lol

      First Grade Delight

  13. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of what Daily Five looks like in your room. It is always helpful to have a visual of what it should look like in a real classroom! Your kiddos ALL seem to be really into what they are doing....AWESOME!

    I'll be sending up prayers for your family with your husband's surgery coming up.

  14. Thanks for following me! Returning the love. =)

    Sedcond Grade Silliness 

  15. Love the Teacher Tipster glasses!!!! :) You look perfect!
    And once again, I wish I could do the Daily 5. :( But I can't. Because I have to do DIRECT INSTRUCTION UNTIL I DIE.
    POOR POOR HUBBY!!! OOOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH! I have a good friend that is having terrible back issues right now and I just can't imagine the pain. Keep us posted!!! (and I also feel a bit sorry for you if you have to be the caretaker -- I don't enjoy that! Ha!)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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