Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Oh my goodness...a linky party like this is right up my alley.  Hubsy would absolutely cringe, though, if he knew I was doing this. "Why would anybody in their right mind care what a day in YOUR life {or in anybody's life, for that matter} looks like, SERIOUSLY!?!?"  So, thank goodness he doesn't come two steps close to this blog...

But I'm guessing there are a lot of people just like me, AKA: "the-person-who-likes-to-look-into-people's-houses-when-she-goes-for-a-jog/walk" Yes, a linky party like this, is like looking in your windows...which, I would do. I'm sorry. I would. I mean, if you were doing something I shouldn't see, I would look away. Probably. Remember, I'm looking at your decor - not you.

Could not pass up this nosy fun opportunity to see into other people's lives so I linked up with Katie Klohn over at Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher.

Are you ready?!?! Get comfy, grab a latte, or some soda...and get ready for some boredom fun...

 5:32 - the alarm goes off {Which is really 5:26 but my clock is intentionally set 6 minutes ahead} - why "32"? It's all a mind game...5:30 seems way too early to me...5:32 is closer to 6 than 5:30...don't even remind me that my clock is set 6 minutes fast and that I'm actually getting up BEFORE 5:30!!! I'm not a "snoozer" I have to pop right up as soon as that alarm goes off and get going...usually moving at a frantic pace because getting up "this late" definitely does not allow enough time to get ready before the boys wake up at 6:15...but I can't bare the thought of getting up any earlier.

5:40 - If it's a hair washing day I gather up all my "materials" and bring them downstairs to...okay...I don't know if I can admit this...I don't know if I should....should I really own up to this....okay...I can do this...I gather up my hair washing/drying materials: towel, shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer and bring them downstairs where I wash my hair in the kitchen sink.  Okay, shower is right next to my littlelest's room.  I'm always afraid I'm going to wake him up if I shower in the a.m. So I shower/bathe at night {cuz he's sound asleep then} and if it's "hair cycle day 1"  {Clemsongirl and the Coach is a non-teacher blog...but she's a hoot} that's when I go through the whole ordeal of washing it downstairs. {Thank goodness I don't wash my hair every day and if it's the summer....well, that's a whole 'nother me some baseball caps}

5:50 - If it's not Day 1 of the hair cycle - I can set the alarm for 5:56 {which is really 5:50} and do some blog stalking, Facebooking, and email checking.

On a hair washing day:

6:10 -I'm not done blow drying the ol THICK mop until joke, it takes a good 15/20 minutes to fully dry my head of hair.  Now you see why I don't wash it every day.  BUT - I could never go 6 days like Clemsongirl, though I wish I could!!!! 

6:15 - I head upstairs to wake up my "baby" and hubby wakes up my fourth grader. {Hubby wakes up, literally 10 minutes before he has to get the boys up...must be nice to get ready in t-minus 10 minutes!!!!}

**I lay in bed with my "baby" for about 5 minutes while he's waking up...this is probably my most favorite time of the day {along with laying down with him after books at night}.  He gets dressed {of course clothes are picked out the night before} and heads downstairs.

6:25 - Hubby gets the boys their breakfast and I flat iron my hair {doesn't matter what day of the 'ol hair cycle I'm on...I flat iron}, put on "the face" {which is super minimal - I hardly wear any makeup} and get dressed {I try to pick out my clothes the night before too}.

6:40 - I come downstairs and say "Come on boys, you need to pick up the pace, let's go...seriously, you haven't finished your blueberries yet?  Are you kidding me, you have THAT much cereal left...what have you been doing?  Let's go...."

6:41 - Start the coffee maker - if it's not a Chai Tea Latte Day - yeah, I try to limit this to Fridays...cuz, geez - those suckers break the bank, but admittedly, sometimes I cave and go twice a week.

**I pack up their lunches {Everything is in it's containers, I just have to put it in the lunchboxes - don't ask why I don't put it in there at night. It's a "thing". I guess because they have items that don't necessarily have to be kept cold: chips, raisins, I don't want those in the fridge with the other I said, it's a "thing" that I have.}

6:50 - pack up snowpants bags {Because their things are laid out after school the day before to dry on my AWESOME boot/mitten dryer} If you live in a snowy climate, I *highly* recommend you get one...


The Thermanator

...and pack up backpacks...

7:00 - pack up car - send boys to get on shoes, coats, etc.

7:05 - Jetta-proof the house {close bedroom doors, find the cat and put him downstairs, close that door too}.  Our puppy girl does such a nice job out of her crate...but you never know...I mean look at this face...she might look sweet, but she can find herself in a whole heap of trouble if we don't doggy proof a bit.

7:10 - out the door we go - drop boys off at their school. Chit chat with Ms. PrimeTime Lady {Before school care}, God love her, she LOVES to chat me up every morning.

7:20 - I can breathe...sip my coffee, eat my breakfast, listen to talk radio, chat on the phone, drive to work...ahhhhhh.  Reading that, I think "What a flippin' marathon...all before I even get to school"...

7:45 - At school...bust a move like I'm on fire to get my reading groups planned, my morning message up, and chatty chatty with a few friends before the kids arrive at 8:30.

Here's what we get through each morning:

*Word Study/Word Wall/Handwriting {Depending on the day}
*Reader's Workshop/Daily 5
*Morning Meeting/Number Corner
10:45 - Brunch {we have the early lunch - which I thought I would hate, but I actually love} I run down, warm up my lunch, chat a bit, check my mail in the office, head back to my room to eat/work
11:45 - Pick 'em up

Most of our afternoons look like this {other than those that we have Media or Learning Stations}

*Writer's Workshop
*Special {P.E., Music, Art - we do our specials on a rotational basis so we have A, B, C days} Usually I get myself ready for the next day...if I don't have a meeting
*Finish up snack if we got a late start
*Read Aloud
*Science/Social Studies {alternating days}
*Prepare for home
*Dismissal at 3:30

After school I might chat it up a bit with my cronies, then I usually run around some more after they leave, cleaning up, making sure my "tomorrow basket" is in relative order "just in case".

4:20 - I usually leave for home {To decompress I listen to NPR - don't make fun of me - or drive in silence. OR I chit chat with a friend...depends on how my day went...HA!}

4:50 - I'm finally home - hubby is finishing up dinner makings {yes, I'm that lucky}

**Hug my boys, talk about their day, unpack their backpacks, lunchboxes, fill out notes for school RIGHT THEN AND THERE - as soon as I pull them out of the folders, I fill 'em out, and put them right back in there.  Set out their homework in our little homework station {The bar at the counter}. Eat dinner, {If either one of them has practice of any sort: football, baseball, basketball...we have to rush through dinner, rush through homework, and get out the door as fast as we possibly can - I hate that}  play a board game, do homework, play {I might do some blog stalking} then it's shower time, video/snack, bedtime routine, books, and they are in bed by 8:00 {youngest} and 9:00 {oldest}. 

ETA: Of course I have to  squeeze in lunch packing and my wogging {walk/jogging} on the treddy {I'm aiming for three days a week - two of those on the weekend and one during the week}. I signed up for a 5k on Superbowl Sunday...what was I thinking?!?!? I have to turn that wogging into all out jogging at some point...

And then I'm free to grade papers, watch t.v./blog stalk!!!!!!!!!

11:00 - I usually hit the hay and tomorrow....

We do it all over again....

And seriously, if you read all that, you just have to leave a comment telling me that you did.  Because I can't believe that anybody would! HA!!!!!!



  1. I have the same commute time, I recently moved and went from a two minute commute to 25 minutes which I think is a perfect amount of time!! :o)

  2. I don't know why but all my clocks are ten minutes fast. It isn't like it really helps because I know they are all set ahead. It's my thing.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  3. I totally read it! Your husband sounds just like my Mark. He's so "ugh" about blogging. I won't dare say what he thinks about the whole thing, but he doesn't understand how I appreciate it for the people, ideas, and support. It's so nice to be in the company of individuals who adore teaching the way I do. :)

    You're puppy is adorable. I'm loving this linky party. Its so fun to try to "imagine" all of you guys doing all these routines!


    A Class Act

  4. I have my alarm set ahead too...and, surprisingly, I never remember that I did that! weird....
    and I don't wash my hair every day either - curly hair...but I do mine at night anyway..
    yes...groundhog day! but because teaching is NEVER the same, it's an un-groundhog day kind of groundhog day..ha!

  5. Hi Holly:
    I read all the way to the end and I thought the Groundhog Day reference was hysterical. And your puppy has the sweetest face!
    Thanks for the peek into your classroom...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. I read it all!
    And I sooooooo do the "look in the people's houses thing".....if they didn't want you to, they should close the curtains! We call them "People Aquariums"!
    The MR is the same way!!!!! Not a fan of the blogging...but I am kind of happy about that- it is something that is just mine:)

    Going Nutty!

  7. Umm will your husband come and make me dinner every night?? My husband is usually not home yet or is on the couch doing his own homework. Yes we are both taking online classes and we literally sit on the couch for hours together doing homework. It is very romantic...NOT!!

  8. I read it all, too! I'm kinda funny about my lunch making, too. You are not alone :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  9. Ha-Ha-Ha, I was imagining a little Road Runner dashing about through your day! I too get up at 5:something. The alarm is set for 5, but it is set 10 minutes fast, then I don't get up right away. Aren't we funny about time? When do you get in your jog/walk?

    1. LOL - Karen...I usually walk/jog when the boys are watching their video or after they go to bed. There's NO way I would get up any earlier to squeeze it in then.

  10. I read it all. :) There is NO way I can get up that early. Luckily I live like 2 minutes from work! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  11. I read it all! My husband does not understand the blogging love either. I just started in December and I love it. I'm also a new follower.

  12. I'm with you sister! Less makeup is the way to go! Mostly, I don't wear anything! =)

  13. Totally read it all :) Love the Groundhog Day reference. And, I'm totally with you on setting your clock fast. Mine is 15 minutes fast. It just makss that 5:30 much easier.

    Fun In First

  14. I DID! I totally read it all:) My goodness, that's a busy day! I think I'm glad my own two babies are now all grown up. Take care.

    Grade ONEderful

  15. I read it and thank you for sharing!!! It sounds like you have an amazing family! I love the wogging! :) And my husband would have said the same thing! I enjoyed reading about your day!!!

  16. You sure have a busy day!!! I wish that I could go without washing my hair everyday, but I cannot.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  17. I read every word! Your day sounds a LOT like mine! My husband also does not come within two feet of my blog!

  18. I read it all! You're just write so great it draws me in! I so wish my hubs fixed dinner, but truth is, he struggles fixing a sandwich, but he can make a great pot of coffee :)

  19. I read it all!! You just keep me laughing and then I think omgoodness I do that too! My hair takes just as long to dry. And my alarm is set at weird times too. Like 6:28 or when I think I want to sleep in 6:32. Seriously what is four minutes.

    Apples and Papers

  20. every word...I read it all...and I WISH I could have it all together! This linky is making me feel like such a slacker...our time line is the same as far as school and such....only I DO NOT take care of anyone but myself (and Henry, my fur baby) and I am running around like crazy to get it all done. ...and I am exhausted just reading about your day!

    I think today I will blog about how not productive I am.

    Forget Oprah...You are my new hero!
    2nd Grade Paradise

  21. Hoprah...its like I read your mind...and you are in my current Hoprah! HAH!

    2nd Grade Paradise

  22. Ha! Of course I read it all! Sadly, scarily, hmmm... sure what to call it - we have a lot of things in common. Alarm clark mind games, "things" and things, etc. Too lazy though right now to write about my day. Someday I will do it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  23. I totally relate to your "look through the window" comment. Although I swear I'm not a stalker... your puppy is flipping adorable! And I'm so with you on the time thing. I have one of those weird astrophysics-sets-on-its-own-fancy-you-can't-break-me alarm clocks, so I just set my watch to be 5 minutes fast. This way I make it to specials on time. Usually. Ok, next to never, but it's all relative. Thanks for your sweet comment on my crazy day, also! :o)

  24. I read every word and was smiling the whole time. It's funny how 2 minutes of sleep time makes a world of difference. It's like the whole "snooze" button that I'm addicted to. What is the point of 9 more minutes of sleep? But it feels sooooo good to just snooze for another 9 minutes. I also like your "think" that you have. I have "things" too that only make sense to me. Glad to know I'm not alone :)

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  25. AND...I'm your newest follower :o)

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  26. read it all, and related to so much!! I set my clock ahead a couple minutes too because I am notoriously late...all the time. (And since I know it's set early, it doesn't help me much...) Life with 2 boys is so busy, but oh so much fun! and I just finished my first 5K this fall, and now signed up to do a half marathon... we'll see if I can make it.

    Let's Teach Something

  27. Hi Holly! I just came across your blog and love it! Newest follower:) Come check mine out for some math ideas and activities

  28. Hi Holly! I love your blog! I just found it and I think it's too cute! I WISH I wasn't a snoozer like you, but I snooze for an hour! It's bad! :( I'm new to all this blog stalking but I LOVE IT! I'm SO ADDICTED. :) I hope to have my own blog soon, but I have no idea of where to even begin. :)


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