Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! {Book Tour & Giveaway}

Guess what?

Michigan author, Maria Dismondy, has done it again - made the lives of countless kiddos BETTER...and our teaching lives easier!

She has written another book...and I'm so happy for that! 

If you're not familiar with her work - Maria Dismondy focuses on writing stories that help children navigate this social world of ours.  As teachers, we know that there is much more to our job than the ABC's and 123's.  We are also responsible for helping our little ones understand one another as human beings.  WOW - that's a daunting task - but one made easier with the help of Maria's books.

Such rich discussion can take place before, during and after a read aloud.  Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! is about two young boys, Johnny and Gabe.  Johnny loved school until Gabe entered into the picture.  Gabe doesn't speak English and Johnny has a hard time accepting Gabe with his differences.  As the story progresses; Johnny learns a lesson about empathy and he and Gabe become friends who are able to accept and celebrate their individuality.  

After I read this story to my first graders here's what they had to say...

Character education is part of a well-rounded classroom climate. I know sometimes it's hard to fit it all in - I'm right there with you.  That's why I like incorporating it into my daily read alouds.  
Maria's other books {here} can help you with that.

To get you started Maria has offered to give away one signed copy of Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! 

Because my first graders are so invested in this book and the lessons they learn from all of Maria's books, I'm going to ask that you give one piece of advice to my kiddos, in the comments below, that can help them be a good friend to others.  We {my first graders} will randomly choose one winner on April 20th! {Please include your email address with your comment}.

Next up on the blog tour...

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  1. I would LOVE for your firsties to draw my name! To have a friend you have to BE a friend, so my suggestion is putting themselves in each other's shoes and work really hard to try to understand how their friends are feeling, what they're thinking about, and what they need. That's a surefire way to elevate empathy AND make you a more understanding and kinder friend.

    ps. Thank you for being SUPERHEROES!


    1. Barbara,
      My first graders thought it was cool that a "feeling teacher" commented! I must say, my kiddos this year are VERY good at showing empathy. They wanted me to tell you about our Buddy Bench and how they like to look over to see if somebody is sitting on the bench and needs a friend to play with. They know how it feels to be lonely at recess - looking for friend. They also picked your number!!!! Congrats!

    2. YAY! Please tell them that the feelings teacher says THANKS! And let them know that we have a buddy bench, too. Three of them, actually; one at each playground. If your class will send me your school address, I'll send y'all a copy of my book for more ideas about using your superpowers for good!

  2. I already have this book and love it! I say pick Barbara Gruener! Shre is a school counselor and this book would be great to share with her students!

    1. Patty -you're such a sweetie! xoxoxo

    2. Patty, as always, that's SUPER sweet of you. You are an empathy hero!

  3. My 3rd graders are just as much in love with her books as I am! My classroom needs this book! They would be so thrilled to have it right from her hands!! We are in the middle of a social issues unit and have been using her books quite often. I am her newest 'stalker'. I love Maria's beautiful stories. We too have been discussing empathy and walking in someone else's shoes. However, to be a friend we must show it through what we do. 'Actions speak louder than words'.

    1. Eugenia,
      Thanks so much for your advice. My first graders agree that they should speak and act in kind ways to everyone. They say thank you for reminding them!


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