Sunday, January 4, 2015

How I Spent my Winter Break ~ Linky

Hey Everybody,

I hope you had the best break EVER!  I know I did!  I tried to incorporate a lot of laziness to our days off.  I just feel like during the school weeks we are so busy that we don't stop to smell the roses enough.  Case in point...

We spent some time in Chicago over break.  My family was practically a block ahead of me {who could blame them in those frigid temps?!?} as I kept stopping to really look at and appreciate the sights.  After a while, I heard my youngest say " I want to slow down so I can notice things".  

Other than our travels to mine and my husband's childhood homes, and our Chicago trip - we spent a lot of time just chilling and loving the calm.

Then, it happened - I woke up in the middle of the night and sort of felt my heart pitter patter and I couldn't fall back to sleep.  I realized, at that moment, that I had to do some teaching on Monday and that I didn't really remember what I had planned for it two weeks ago.

So, I went downstairs, fired up the computer and looked...just so that I could fall back to sleep.

I thought that would calm my overactive brain - but it didn't, so I might have watched a couple episodes of my newest Netflix addiction...

It was if you give a Moose a Muffin...

Then, I couldn't sleep because every time I closed my eyes, I pictured super freaky ghosty-demon things...oy...

So, I decided to watch some Shaytards...

I was introduced to this wonderful family of vloggers by Ms. T. {AKA - Journey of  a Substitute Teacher} If you ever need to readjust your outlook on life - this family will help you do that!


The highlight of our break?

We no longer have a vanity and a toilet in our living room!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Goodbye 80's bathroom...

All in all, I'd say our break was filled with a little bit of 'dis and a little bit of 'dat.  Which was perfect!

As we head back to work - I posted this on my Facebook page as a reminder to myself and others...

Here's the blog post I was referring to..

I'll leave you with that!!!

Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Thanks for linking up, friend! Looks like you had a fab time in Chi-town and I am happy for you that you no longer have bathroom goodies in your living room!!! The bathroom looks great!!! Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. I am especially admiring your planning- have you shared before how you set that up? I wouldn't even know where to start but I would like to try! Havng the documents linked up would be so useful.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      I use! LOVE IT!!!!! Couldn't live without it. Want to shout from the rooftops how awesome it is!!!!! Give it a try - it's really user friendly and if I'm remembering correctly, they have tutorials on how to do different things on there!

      Holly :)

  3. Thanks for excellent blog.I'm happy to find useful blog share in my friends. THANK YOU


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