Sunday, November 2, 2014

Simple Little Somethings ~ For the Classroom

I thought I'd share with you some simple little somethings that I use in my classroom and love and I think you will too!

I've been using visual direction cards for years.  I just spruced mine up with this product from Ashley Hughes.  Some kids have a hard time following more than 2-step directions, others need reminders because getting from point A to point B can be tricky business.  These cards stop the "what do I do now" questions and help this teacher stay happy!

I have those little bins from Target all over my classroom.  They serve a couple of different purposes. They collect "junk" and they look cute!  I think I have one of these in every corner.  Pick up a pen, use it, instead of setting it down, plunk it in a bucket.  Easy breezy!

I might have these all around my classroom too.  One holds extra mittens for those kiddos who lose or forget theirs.  One holds extra headphones for listen-to-reading, another is used as our sharing sack.  Cute, colorful, cheap and oh so multi-purpose!

Beggars can't be choosers - and I am really happy that I get so many wonderful donations from parents.  But....I love a cute tissue box and have those EVERYWHERE in my classroom.  

I got my BOP this summer and I tell you...I LOVE this simple little pleasure.  I can take it anywhere in the room with me.  It's nice and loud.  Colorful.  Cute. One of my absolute favorite simple little something.

I'm a Tervis convert.  A sweet little guy gave me this one at the end of last year.  He said "Because you're so wise, Mrs. W."  HA!  I don't know about that, kiddo - but I tell you, this is the smartest beverage holder I've ever had.  I have since bought a couple more. One for water. One for coffee.  I can't use my coffee one for my water one.  I'm strange like that.  

I am very blessed and have so many books in my classroom.  I'm embarrassed to admit that, up until my handy dandy little "blue dot" basket idea, many of them were sitting in boxes - unused.  I tried to rotate books into bins, but often fell behind.  I haven't had a chance to sort them or level them but I really wanted them in my students' hands!  I decided a simple fix would be to put this blue dot label on bins, and put blue dots on all those books I haven't had a chance to level or sort.  Now those books are being read and loved.  Simple.

I use this gym floor tape for lots of things too.  It sticks to anything.  Doesn't leave a residue when you pull it off.  Just love it.  I use it on my books to level/label them.  I used the blue tape for my "blue dot" books.  If I decide to finally level/sort them, I can pull that tape off and replace it with a different color so that they can be leveled. I also use this stuff on the floor to designate where we line up.  On the carpet if someone needs a special little spot to sit during learning time.  Simple.

Hope you got some ideas!  

Happy November!

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  1. I didn't even know there was gym floor tape! Thank you for that idea. I also use hot glue guns, but there are rules about using it on our walls due to the residue. I found a great hint at for using glue with painter's tape. Go to the site, look under ORGANIZE to see the steps. Now I have 2 practical, sticky resources.


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