Friday, May 17, 2013

Five For Friday

I'm starting this blog post - and if it makes it to the end, you know...


I made it to the end. Because right now I'm predicting I'll get about mid-way and throw in the towel. {Of course if that were the case - you wouldn't be reading this because I wouldn't post that nonsense...} That's how it has been these last few weeks. I try to sit down and concentrate only to either:

A, B & C:  Fall asleep {I have home row permanently embedded on my forehead}

I think I can muster up enough energy to post five random pictures from my week.  Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching!

My pitcher boy...

Reviewing some blends...

I have no energy to fix this...

She's BEGGING to be walked...who can resist?

Lots of lilacs came my way this week...I had the sweet smell with me wherever I went...
I made it to the end. Miracles do happen.  I hope you all had a great week!  So how many of us are on summer vacation?  Go ahead - you can tell me, I can handle it.  For those of us still mustering up enough energy to make it through these last long do you have?

Happy Friday!


  1. Stopping by from Five for Friday! I hear ya on the no energy for cleaning/organizing! Enjoy your walk with your pup, don't think about work!!

    You're So Sharp!

  2. Hey Hol! I am so tired....but we will make it chickey! The week was Loooooong!

  3. Your pictures look familiar! Guessing I've seen them on Instagram?? Makes posting pictures so much easier!

    For the Love of First Grade

    1. Ha, Lindsay - I love how the photos look too. I feel so..professional! :) Happy weekend!!!!!

  4. I have been falling asleep every evening this week too! 8 more days to go!!

    The Resource(ful) room

  5. We have 3 weeks left. If I make it, it'll be a miracle! ;)

  6. 2 more weeks of kindergarten for me. Almost to the end... but also thinking of starting all over with a new group. Teaching them e.v.e.r.y. procedure and expectation. I'm exhausted from end of the year and thinking of the beginning of next year. Thank goodness for summers to get a bit recharged!

    1. Lisa,
      I know what you mean- I find myself sorting of dragging my feet at the end of the year - only because I know how TIRING the beginning of the year can be. I've got these kids "right where I want them" {more or less}...

      Happy almost summer!

  7. The blend are cute! What a good way to review :)

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend,
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  8. OH girl messy desks just drive me bonkers! I am so lucky to have tables this year because I cannot handle the messy desk thing! I'd love for you to drop by my blog if you get a chance!

    Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

  9. I seriously could get hurt opening my cabinets. It's downright dangerous! I'm really tired too and I can't believe I fell asleep during Grey's Anatomy!!!! I missed everything! Have a great weekend! I'm a new follower and couldn't help but notice you have 1100+ followers! Wow! I have 33 and three of those are my husband!!Haha! Your hard work has payed off!

  10. Ugh the messy desks drive me nuts, TOO!! So sorry you are so tired! Enjoy these weeks of summer vacation, RELAX & RECHARGE! You deserve it :)


  11. Hi Friend,
    Just stopping by to say hi! I included you in my "Meet My Friends" linky post today. Hope all is well. Almost done? 2 more Mondays for us.

  12. I've been so tired, too. I've been classroom regards to putting stuff back where it belongs. (Even though I harp on the kids to do this, oops) I may be pumping myself with caffeine on teacher work day to get it all put away and organized.

    You Might Be a First Grader….


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