Friday, January 25, 2013

Linking up With Love *Valentine's Day Freebie*

It is crazy hard to believe that February is right around the corner..I mean, that Groundhog is going to be peaking out to let us know just how many more weeks of winter we will have.  That always makes me think spring is right around the corner, which makes me think of the end of the school year - yikes...put on the brakes!  I love this group wayyyyyy too much to say good bye so soon.

Okay - it's really only February...the month of looooooove.

I'm linking up with Tessa over at Tales From Outside the Classoom to share some of those things that rank right up there in my life.

I have so many awesome people in my world....what a blessing to be surrounded by people who remember what you drink at Starbucks and who listen to your moans, groans and celebrations.  Whether it be my family or friends {both bloggy and "real life"} I'm one blessed chicky.  My sister-slash-photographer took this picture of {some} the cousins...

Ham 1 & Ham 2 are my boys! Those boys the loves of my life...they keep me on my toes, are so darn smart, and make me smile EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.   Poor Aunt Lisa did not have agreeable subjects that day - but can't you just see the love in that picture?!?

Right now I am completely in love with using my reusable cup from Starbucks!!!!!

It only cost a dollar and I get 10 cents off my Chai Tea Latte each time I fill'er up!!!!


I love teaching, blogging, creating and talking about teaching, blogging and creating!  HA!  If you are reading this and have ever wondered if you should start a blog or maybe start creating things for TpT I think you should give it a go!!!!  No stinkin' thinkin'.  I mean, c'mon...look at my first was no great shakes, but on that day - with that first comment I fell in LOVE!!!!!! {With my profession all over again!}  I've made so many friends in blogland and while you might have 3, 4 or 5 people on your team...I have more than I can count! 

I love fiddling around on the computer - but never, ever, never did I think I would take my ideas and share them with the world!!!!! {I've received emails from AUSTRALIA}  My latest creation that is chock full of LOVE is my Valentine's Day pack...

Click {here} to head over to TpT
I would love, love, love to give it away to three of you...comment below with something YOU love!!!  I'll randomly choose three people later tonight!

Thanks for sharing all of your LOVE!
The winners, chosen by my fifth grader, are...

Here's a freebie...because I know you LOVE those!!!!!

Happy weekend!!!


  1. Looks 'lovely' :) I love to sleep more than anything in the world.
    My Second Sense

  2. Can't do without my Diet Coke!
    - Kelly :)

  3. I love playing with my friend's two year old babies! They are growing up too FAST!

  4. I love, love, love Zumba! Keeps me going all week!


  5. Right now I love sick leave and good insurance! I'm a first year second grade teacher, 18 1/2 weeks pregnant, and deathly ill with the flu. So I'm singing the praises of tamiflu, albuterol, Robitussin DM, and sick leave right about now!

    noplacelikesecond @

  6. I LOVE the memories I have of my dear sweet late husband who died way too young at the age of 49 after our 25 years of marriage. I am so thankful of all that we shared over the years.

  7. I love my family and close friends! I couldn't live my life without them :) thanks for sharing! Your family is precious!


  8. I love it when new units are posted! Just amazing to see the creativity and great quality of work! I love the excitement of using those units with my class!

  9. I love my family. I especially love my hubby that feeds me.

  10. I love my family, my savior, and my job! Your unit looks great!

  11. Your kids (and nieces/nephews) are just too cute!! Great packet Holly! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  12. This looks great! I love it when my kids learn something new, especially after we have worked and worked on it!

  13. February is a great month to talk about all the things we love! I love my family and friends, my job, my puppy and so many more things! This looks fabulous!


  14. I love God, my family, my friends, and my job....

  15. Thanks so much for the great freebie!

    I love my family! Couldn't survive without them!

  16. Great freebie... I love my family and friends!


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  18. I love my new tutoring job! I'm working with 30 students throughout the day and I love it. I have eight 30 minute sessions and I really like that there is no time for lulls. I'm excited and grateful that I get the chance to bless these students' lives.

    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! :)

    Bren P.

  19. I love cherry limeade drinks from Sonic during happy hour AND freebies!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  20. Hi Holly!
    Thank you for the freebie! I am heading over to check out your Sweets for Your Sweeties! It looks like just what I am looking for!

  21. I love discovering new blogs! I just discovered yours!

  22. I love that I am in good health and that I never feel any older, no matter how many birthdays roll around!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  23. I love my adorable hubby, my 4 teenage boys (most of the time) and my amazing job. I also love living in Sydney where we are enjoying a fabulous summer right now and getting ready to go back to school. Your pack would allow me to show how much I love my students and it's always so nice to spread the love around when we first get back to school. I would love to win it.
    Hope the weather isn't too bad where you are. Today is Australia Day where we celebrate all things Australian.


  24. Thanks for the freebie. Your Valentines pack looks "sweet". :D
    Have a great weekend!
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  25. Thanks so much for linking up friend!

  26. I love your blog title and design! As I keep reading entries from this linky, I remember that I forgot some stuff. There are too many! Thank you for the freebie. :)
    Literacy Spark

  27. That pack is ADORABLE! Love it. You always make the cutest stuff.

    Lyndsey xoxo


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