Sunday, October 14, 2012


Click the picture to go visit Cynthia's blog over at 2nd Grade Pad - she's the gal who started the fun!!!!

My separated-at-birth-blog-buddy, Kimberly at Funky First Grade Fun, boo'd me! 
Kimberly and I met at our Michigan blog meet-up  - both of our husbands are teachers and she might just be the only other person I've met who appreciates all things Amish!!! Thanks for thinking of me - and this BOO is much easier on the 'ol ticker than the one I received last night from some neighbors. 
I'm having just as hard a time with choosing who to boo as I do with who to ding-dong-ditch...I'm not sitting here with the same uncontrollable giggles and heart palpitations though...
Susan is a TOP teacher in my book!  You should go check out her blog to read about narrative writing! She's also a real sweet gal who I know you'll love to visit!!!!
Going Nutty!  In Mrs. Squirrel's first grade
 If you need a good laugh you've got to head over to Miss Squirrel's blog.  Not only will she keep you smilin', she's also crafty and clever to boot.  She's one of my BBF {Best Bloggy Friends} who will probably kill me for boo'ing her...HA!

Cheryl has a heart of gold and has been there for me since I started this blogging adventure.  She's super supportive and FULL of great ideas.  Go check out her blog and enter her Skippyjon Jones giveaway!
Now, I have to decide who I'm going to's fun and all that, but let's just say I almost always "out" us with my giggles & screams.  Skulking around people's houses in the dark just isn't a strong suit of mine...

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