Thursday, September 20, 2012

Easy Peasy Paper Monster Duo Trimmer *Giveaway*

Hey Everybody!

Did you know that my husband is a teacher too?  It's so nice to have somebody who "gets it" {mostly}.  He appreciates our blessings, but he always understands my frustrations because, often, he shares in them.

What he doesn't get is my adoration for office equipment - namely my personal laminator & paper cutter.  To be honest, I didn't even know I "needed" them until they made their way into my life.  Now?  Honestly, I couldn't live without them.

I've got my eye on a full size copy machine next....maybe a RISO?!

I was contacted by MyBinding.Com to review one of their products.  I chose the paper cutter.  I thought it was time to beef up my paper cutting prowess at I went from this:

To this:

Do you know how I defend my need for home office equipment?  Time is precious.  Frustrations are abundant.  If I can find something - anything that will make my life easier and less chaotic - I'm ALL for it. 

I'm a person who takes things home with me.  I wish I could get to school super early {okay, no I don't - if I had that option, I'd want to sleep in, who am I kidding?!?}, or stay late {that's more my speed} but I have a sweet family to think of, so I can't.  Instead, I punch the clock for another couple of hours of work once the kiddos are snug as bugs in their beds. 

Tonight I needed to do some cutting from home and finished just. like. that.  Almost as fast as I snarfed down my Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Grahams {shh - don't tell my boys I inhaled the whole package...have you tried those?  YUMMY!}

So maybe the cutting didn't happen quite like. that.  Between bites, I was able to cut out some certificates and some strips of construction paper without a problem...easy peasy.


Some of the features I love:

*It's the perfect size
*It has both the trimmer {slides} and the guillotine
*The trimmer does straight lines, waves and perforates {how cool!}

Here's a little video demonstration from their site...

I'm sure by now you're thinking that you might need some office equipment in your house.  Don't worry - you get used to the eye rolls from significant others or friends; but from one convert to won't regret it!

MyBinding.Com is a company who supports educators - who doesn't like the sound of that?  They offered to give away one Paper Monster Home Duo Trimmer and Guillotine to one lucky follower! 

The name of the game tonight is EASY that's how I'm going to make entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!!!!


  1. Get give away, I love your blog!


  2. Oh you know I love paper "stuff"...I think I might need this I know I need a laminator!!

  3. Oh you know I love paper "stuff"...I think I might need this I know I need a laminator!!

  4. I would so love to win this for the childrens library that I work at! Thanks for sharing this wonderful product with us!

  5. You know I'm your new BFF.....sorry Thr Barb!.... So I hope you pick me!

    1. HA!!!! You're a hoot, Patty! There's enough of me to go around! ;)

  6. There are endless possibilities here! I'd love to win!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  7. I have a slider paper trimmer, but I really want a guillotine one instead. They work so much better!
    Teaching With Style

  8. I could really use one of these. I'm getting cramps in my hands from cutting with scissors!!


  9. I need this!! I added your giveaway to my recent post on giveaways. Maybe I shouldn't more people will enter and lessen my chances.....
    Fun in 1st Grade


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